Thanks to Jay-Z, Wu-Tang Will Sell Just One Copy of Their Secret Album

You've heard of rare records before, but what Wu-Tang Clan is planning for its stealthy double album, The Wu–Once Upon a Time in Shaolin, is unprecedented. The legendary rap group will sell only one copy, encased in an engraved silver and nickel box. It will be very, very expensive. Read More >>

13-Year-Old Builds Nuclear Reactor to Become Youngest Fusioneer Ever

Do you remember what your greatest accomplishment was at age 13? Whatever it was, Lancashire-lad Jamie Edwards, 13, just crushed it by becoming the youngest person to ever carry out atomic fusion. Read More >>

Amazing 1956 Video Explains How Music Went From Concert Hall to Vinyl

Vinyl may have had its day—hell, some readers of this site may never have seen it in action—but for a small group of dedicated fans, it still lives on. This amazing 1956 video explains the process, which has actually changed very little over the last 50 years, of transforming performance into long-player. Read More >>

This Blinding 502,165 Christmas Light Display is in Someone's Home

Ready for a big number? 502,165. That's the number of LED lights the family of David and Janean Richards in Canberra, Australia has decked its home in order to clinch the 2013 Guinness World Record for most Christmas lights in one display. Whoa. Read More >>

Doctor Who Special Earns Dubious "World Record" for Global Broadcast

The endless Doctor Who PR push shows no sign of calming down even now the 50th anniversary special is finally out of the way, with the BBC now banging on about how successful its carefully orchestrated global simultaneous broadcasts were. Read More >>

UK Vinyl Sales Get Lucky Thanks to Daft Punk and Bowie Successes

UK vinyl sales have got Harder Better Faster Stronger in 2013, doubling year-on-year as music fans' Digital Love wanes as they Give Life Back to Music through the waxy discs One More Time, thanks in part to the success of Daft Punk's Random Access Memories. Sorry. Read More >>

How the Rolling Stones' Let It Bleed Album Art Was Made (and How Delia Smith Helped)

With most of us buying our music in digital formats, album art just isn't treasured in the way it was in the '60s and '70s. And now, MoMA has added a classic from that bygone era to its permanent collection: The cover of the Rolling Stones' Let It Bleed, designed by Robert Brownjohn. Read More >>

Listen to Music Made from Concert-Goers' Dance Moves

In our electronic music age, it's sometimes easy to forget how music is basically just a bunch of well-organised noise. It seems like over-produced pop albums have more in common with computer software than performance, so when musicians break the mold, things get interesting. Read More >>

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Behold the Horrible Glory of a Hoarder's 250,000-Record Vinyl Library

Last year a Canadian record shop called Apollo Music bought a filthy, trash-filled hoarder house. Why? Because it was full of records. At least 250,000. These are a few snapshots from the process, and they show the biggest and saddest collection you'll probably ever see. Read More >>

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When It Comes to Book Dominos, the Longer the Better

To mark the launch of its Summer Reading program this year, Seattle Public library broke the world record for the longest book domino chain -- 2,131 books to be precise -- in its absolutely stunning setting. I wish my library looked this awesome, and did cool stuff like that. [YouTube via BuzzFeed] Read More >>

Daft Punk's New Tune Has Smashed Records, But Is It Really That Good?

OK, so unless you've been living under a rock for a week, you should know that Daft Punk has a new track called 'Get Lucky' out for everyone and their mums to listen to. It seems that's exactly what's happened too, because it's absolutely smashed Spotify streaming records in both the UK and US. But, really, is it actually that good? Read More >>

Do You Still Buy Vinyl?

In the US and UK, yesterday was Record Store Day, complete with a slew of special releases on everybody's favourite antiquated audio medium. Hobbyists everywhere rushed out this morning to stand in line in front of local shops to pick up a couple of the good old-fashioned discs. How about you? Read More >>

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How Records Are Made

While 8-tracks and cassettes are as relevent to the digital world as wax cylinders, the vinyl LP is still being steadily produced and collected despite, or perhaps thanks to, their imprecise warm analogue acoustics. Here's how LPs get their unique sound. Read More >>

This 1960s Gadget Is More Kid-Friendly Than Today's

The Kenner Close n Play was a modest gadget from the outside: you put in a vinyl record, closed the lid, and it would play. It looked like a lunchbox. It was simple. But above all, it was for kids. Read More >>

The World Is a Better Place: Gangnam Style Beats Down Bieber

I thought no one could beat the all mighty Bieber, but Psy has gone and done it. Gangnam Style is the most watched video of all time on YouTube. The world has changed forever, and it's for the better. Read More >>

The NHS Lost 1.8m Medical Records Last Year -- and Some Ended Up Online

NHS admins and staff are somehow managing to lose around 5,000 copies of confidential patient records every day, meaning some 1.8m supposedly secret health files about our aches, pains and embarrassing personal leakages are going missing every year. Read More >>


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