A Rare Trip on the Floating Train Yard of Hudson Harbour

The only two options that freight trains have for accessing the east side of the Hudson River are to cross a bridge in Albany—140 painstaking miles north of New York City—or to ride a rail barge across the Hudson through the highly efficient marine-rail operation run by NYNJ Rail in Jersey City. Read More >>

How Implants and Prosthetic Limbs Get Recycled and Reused

Every year, millions of pacemakers, metal hips, and prosthetics outlast the bodies they're designed for. But these medical devices could very well go on to have a second-life—in cars, wind turbines, and even another person. Read More >>

You'll Never Believe All the Things Made Out of Chicken Feathers

It's estimated that 49 billion chickens are eaten every year, and this results in a few mountains' worth of chicken feathers in pure waste. But no more, some entrepreneurs say: chicken feathers could be the future of plastic. Read More >>

Burn An (Almost) Infinite Candle With This Clever Wax-Catching Holder

To all of you convinced there's no such thing as a perpetual motion machine, behold Benjamin Shine's brilliant Rekindle candlestick holder that slowly but steadily turns into a brand new candle as it burns and melts away. Read More >>

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This is What it's Like to Intentionally Crash a Ship

When a ship comes to the end of its working life, it has to be torn apart, piece-by-piece, to be disposed of. By that point, though, little care needs to be taken in getting it ashore—so they're just intentionally run aground. This is what it looks like. Read More >>

Who Will Dispose of Your Porn and Sex Toys After You Die?

Andy Warhol once joked that dying was the most embarrassing thing that could ever happen to a person. Many people give careful thought to what they want done with their assets after their death, even going as far as to spell out what should be done with their digital properties, but few think about some of the more embarrassing details of having been alive. Read More >>

Old iPhones are Being Repurposed to Decorate Your House

Recycling e-waste is kind of important. Our devices are full of heavy metals and toxins that probably shouldn't just chill in landfills. But iPhone repair company Twice Used is designing housewares that put a new spin on old handsets. Read More >>

Turning Old TVs and Outdated Computer Screens Into Brand New Tiles

E-waste is an environmental nightmare. What if the overflow of outdated tech junk could be put to better use than landfill fodder? Read More >>

E-Hell on Earth: Where the West's Electronics Go to Die

While western consumers clamour for the latest and greatest in consumer electronics, our older digital devices are inundating and poisoning a generation of children in Ghana. Colorado Springs Gazette reporter Michael Ciaglo recently visited the largest e-waste processing site in the African nation and returned with some very damning images. That new iPhone of yours had better be worth it. Read More >>

Scientists Found a New Way to Turn Plastic Bags into a Supermaterial

Have you ever had a room-mate who saves plastic shopping bags just in case they ever have the need to reuse the dang things? Like, hundreds of plastic shopping bags? Well, thanks to some Australian engineers, those extra bags can not only have a purpose, they can become technology of the future. Read More >>

Apple Kicks Off Recycling Scheme Just In Time to Trade In Those Old iPhones

Rather than flog them on eBay or use a potentially-dodgy third-party recycling site, it might make more sense to take advantage of Apple's new Reuse and Recycling Programme, which has just landed in the UK after a successful run in the US. Read More >>

This Remote Control Pizza Box Plane Practically Delivers Itself

There's only so much you can do with an empty pizza box besides throw it away, or let it clutter up the floor of your filthy hovel. There is on other option though: you can turn it into a remote controlled plane. Read More >>

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How a Used Bottle Becomes a New Bottle Again

Recycling! It's good for the planet, or something. It's also a very sensible thing to do. But how does the bottle you just drank out of become a new bottle you'll drink out of in the future? No, it's not just refilling the glass. It's a process that involves magnets, soda ash, a 2,700 degree furnace, something called gobs and more. Read More >>

Oslo in Crisis: Norwegian Recycling Town Is Running Out of Trash to Burn

Norway's capital city has a serious waste management issue—they're way too good at it. Half of Oslo's 1.4 million residents rely on a steady stream of refuse to power their appliances and heat their homes. Problem is, there just isn't enough trash to go around. Read More >>

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Think You Know Plastic?

The world is up to its ears in plastic. You would be hard pressed to find items in your life that are devoid of this amazingly versatile material. But plastics are a varied bunch and some could potentially even give you cancer. So, read on to avoid being suckered into buying a knockoff water bottle that infuses a nauseating chlorine-flavour into your drink because it's made from cheap, shiny PVC. Read More >>

Your Dead Relative's Metal Parts Are Being Tuned Into Road Signs

It's time to cremate grandma. But what's to come of the perfectly usable metal hip replacement she leaves behind? For the residents of several English cities, the answer lies in public signage. Read More >>


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