David Bowie Actually Moonlights as Every Metal Gear Solid Character Ever

Over the weekend, Reddit user tehaveragejoel found the spare time to make this eye-opening picture: when you lay David Bowie's mug (with a few of his many, many hair variations) next to each Metal Gear Solid , there's a fairly uncanny resemblance. Read More >>

Reddit Is Trying to Actually Make Some Money

90 million unique visitors a month has to be good for something. But so far Reddit hasn't been able to stay consistently profitable even with all those people banging at the door. Read More >>

Reddit's Early Days Were a NSFW Wonderland

Reddit's come a long way since it first appeared online in 2006—but how has it changed over time? This visualisation shows how the relative sizes of its subreddits have changed. Read More >>

This is How all of Reddit's Communities Overlap

Reddit may be the front page of the internet, but it's also home to all manner of weird and wonderful niche interest groups. This visualisation reveals how they all relate to each other. Read More >>

Queen Madge Turns to Bittorrent for Arthouse Free Speech Film

Sexy pop pensioner Madonna is having a go at film directing again, only this time she's doing it for charity. Her "secretprojectrevolution" is a short co-directed film that'll launch for free on Bittorrent next week. Read More >>

This Equation Can Tell You How Successful a Reddit Post Will Be

Scientists love developing equations that can accurately predict real-life events — so when researchers from Stanford looked at Reddit, they naturally wondered if they could predict how successful posts would be. This equation is the result of their work. Read More >>

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Pixar-Inspired Animation Explains the NSA Perfectly

Even sitting in the safety of a British office, the NSA is creepy as hell. Luckily, the Internet found a way to make the whole spying-on-you clusterdiddle fun with a poignant animation that channels the playful Pixar Lamp of yore. How cute. Read More >>

Google Street View's Greatest, Weirdest Hits

Google Street View has something of a history for catching us in our more—uh, delicate states. And our more defecatory states. And our more dead states. While the latter is mostly just depressing, the rest are almost always delightful. And luckily for us, Captain-Obviouss has kindly prompted his fellow Redditors to compile "the most WTF things" that Google's version of Earth has to offer. Here are our favourites so far. Read More >>

Make Samuel L. Jackson Say Your Words

Samuel L. Jackson has come up with a clever way to hammer the Reddit servers harder than ever, offering to read out the best comment left on a thread he started. If you win, you can quite legitimately call yourself an A-List Hollywood scriptwriter. Read More >>

GIFs in Reverse Are Everything That's Wonderful About the Internet

GIFs are great. Everyone loves GIFs. But even the crown jewel of the internet could use a little update now and again if we want to keep things exciting. Which is why we would like to introduce you, the uninitiated, to the aptly named Reverse Gif. Warning: abandon a working browser, all ye who enter here. Read More >>

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Reddit's First Orignal Web Mini-Series Is Bold, Intelligent... and Completely Adorable

Reddit's trying out something new: it's launched its own, original mini-series of web videos. Bases on its Explain Like I'm Five subreddit, it explores political and social issues in a way anyone can understand. Read More >>

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Google Glass and the Golden Age of Creepshots

The early criticism of Google Glass—that it's for arseholes, that it will lead to a dystopian Panoptican nightmare—is mostly well-founded. But what everyone has glossed over in their opening salvos is, I think, the most immediate and obvious problem Google Glass will precipitate: Once these things stop being a rich-guy novelty and start actually hitting the streets, the rise in creepshots is going to be worse than any we've ever seen before. Read More >>

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Where's Wally GIF: The Best Thing to Happen to Both Wally and GIFs

While all those volumes of Where's Wally books sit in a dusty cardboard box in your attic, the spirit of Wally lives on in a remarkable bit of GIFage by Redditor Swiftapple. Wally is alive and well. And bobbing. Read More >>

Bill Gates Shows Off Sense of Humour and Come-Hither Eyes in Reddit AMA

In Bill Gates' closing remarks on his Reddit AMA earlier today, he left the Internet with the following message: Read More >>

Former Reddit Co-Owner and Internet Activist Aaron Swartz Commits Suicide

Former Reddit co-owner and founder of DemandProgress, Aaron Swartz commited suicide at the age of 26 in New York City yesterday, according to reports by The Tech. Swartz had been battling criminal charges related to his attempts to make JSTOR archives public and had been facing up to 50 years in prison and $4 million dollars (£2,479,466.91) fines at the time of his death. Read More >>

How a Reddit Rage Comic Saved a Man's Life

Four days ago, the rage comic above was posted to Reddit by CappnPoopdeck. It described the true story of her friend, a man who decided to try his ex-girlfriend's pregnancy test himself. To his surprise and confusion, the results came back positive. Funny? Sure, sort of. But also, Reddit commenters quickly noted, a symptom of a potentially deadly disease. Read More >>


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