Here's How to Get Microsoft Office 365 On Your Android in the UK

Microsoft's mobile version of Office has finally landed on Android (well, phones, not tablets for now) but is currently only available in the US. Since it's a free app, you can download it using an APK downloader or snag the APK from the nice folks at XDA right here, right now. Read More >>

Watch Hulu, American Netflix, CBS, and Fox in the UK With Hola

Want to break that pesky region lock and watch American TV streaming services in the UK? You've got another option. Hola promises to let you watch Hulu, American Netflix, CBS, Fox, and even stream Pandora, all with a simple, free browser plug-in or app. As easy as a single click. Read More >>

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Want to Watch Hulu, American Netflix or Stream Pandora in the UK? Here's How

Region lock is a pain in the media-loving arse; while we have some decent content in the UK, most of the US-centric stuff is locked to those actually in the US. Yes, you can use a VPN to get to it, but now there's an even easier way. Install this simple Media Hint browser extension for free and watch Hulu, American Netflix, and even stream Pandora in the UK, with one click. Read More >>

Regional Lockout Doesn't Have a Place In Today's Globally Connected On-Demand Online World

With the launch of Netflix in the UK, we've had another chance to directly experience the dreaded regional lockout; by that I mean the practice of only making certain content available in certain geographic locations. And it's not for localisation reasons either. It's simply to do with money, and it doesn't have a place in our globally connected internet world. Read More >>


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