Booze Drones Approved by Alcoholic Aviation Authority

As well as sandwiches and whatever you buy off Amazon, one beer maker has outlined a future in which drones deliver beer via the sky. Brewer Lakemaid produced a YouTube clip apparently showing a drone with enough grunt to lift a box of beers, a concept that could see our daily litre of vodka flown in while letting us avoid the intimidating and judgemental off licence youths. [YouTube via The Register] Read More >>

Android Coders Claim "Back Door" Enables Remote Access to Samsung Galaxy Phones

The developer of the Replicant custom Android ROM claims to have uncovered what amounts to a classic "back door" computer hack within Samsung's Galaxy series of smartphones, suggesting that Samsung's modem tools have certain communication protocols in them that could allow outsiders to "access the phone's file system." Read More >>

BAE's Taranis Combat Drone Now Flying Above the UK

The MoD and BAE Systems have revealed that the Taranis unmanned combat vehicle was undergoing secret test flights in the UK last year, with the drone carrying out several flights in our airspace -- some lasting for as long as one hour. Read More >>

Sky Adds Remote On-Demand Queuing to Sky+ App

The Sky+ app has seen a little upgrade, now letting users tell their Sky+HD boxes to begin downloading on-demand content while away from home in addition to its live recording abilities. Sky says two million people use the Sky+ app every month, with 3.4m homes using the on-demand tools. [Sky Apps] Read More >>

Timelord Your TV Into Submission With Dr Who's Sonic Screwdriver Remote

TVs can occasionally be troublesome beasties, leaving you stabbing in frustration at your remote. If it's anything like the Sonic Screwdriver it's modelled on though, this remote should be able to zap it into submission, while at the same time well and truly establishing you as a gold-plated nerd. Read More >>

A 10m Ethernet Cable For Just £1.23 Is Your Emergency-Wi-Fi-Outage-Internet-Connection-Backup Deal of the Day

Are you looking for a new washing line or something to tether an animal carcass to the roof of your car? Don't bother with traditional ropes or washing lines – let Ethernet cable be your more affordable friend instead! Read More >>

HTC Can Turn Your Phone Off and On Again From Afar, With LogMeIn Rescue

HTC has signed a deal with the maker of remote phone access tools LogMeIn, which will see future HTC Android models loaded with a version of its LogMeIn Rescue app. Read More >>

The Official Remote For Your Xbox 360 Is Your Perfect-Tool-For-Sofa-Locked-Netflix-Sessions Deal of the Day

Today’s top bargain is an essential for those of you who have forked out for an Xbox 360 only to realise that the modern games are far too fast and complicated and make your eyes sting. What to do with the confusing console? Read More >>

Is Lumigon's T2 a Phone? A Remote? It's Both, Apparently

Ever wished your phone was also a remote? Want no longer – the Lumigon T2 rolls both an Android 4.0-packing phone and a learning IR-blaster for your living room-domination needs. Read More >>

In Association With SONY
New Samsung Remote Trades Its Buttons for A Touch Pad and Voice Control

As TVs have packed in more and features, including multiple inputs and internet connectivity, the complexity of the remote has grown to match. Now you're lucky to get a remote shorter than your forearm. This new remote from Samsung, however, will replace the bevy of buttons for a touchpad and Siri-like voice control. Read More >>

Apple's Patented Magic Remote Is Only Missing Apple's Patented Magic TV

Apple has filed a new patent application, an Apparatus and Method to Facilitate Universal Remote Control. In the application, Apple claims that current remotes are cluttered, so they propose using a touchscreen and loads of insanely great magic to fix this dreadful situation. Read More >>

Belkin's iPhone Camera Remote Revealed

Like an older sibling who spoils the surprise ending of a movie, the FCC has revealed photos and details of Belkin's upcoming wireless camera remote for the iPhone. Except that in this case, the surprise is no Keyser Söze. Read More >>


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