This Amazing 3D Render Lets You Dive Into a HeroicBattle

You can immerse yourself in its fantastic details of this painting, The Recapture of Buda Castle in 1686, thanks to Ekho, a Hungarian 3D artist, who made a stunning rendering of the painting. Read More >>

17 Amazing Renders That You'll Swear Are Photographs

It can be difficult to know what's real and what's fake when it comes to digital art these days. But don't torture yourself worrying about it now: Here are 17 of the most photorealistic 3D renderings on the web. Each one is completely synthetic; every single detail generated by madly talented 3D artists. Enjoy. Read More >>

A Goldpagne iPad Mini Would Actually Look Really Nice

Now that a gold iPhone has actually manifested itself and made a select few's dreams come true, it's time to move on to the next logical question—what would goldpagne look like on an iPad Mini? Read More >>

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This is What an Insane 42-Wheel, 19-Engine BMW Would Look Like

Car manufacturers the world over have two sides to them. The big corporate money-grubbing accountancy side, and the creative, we-can-do-anything concept side. BMW just showed how awesome it is, by fulfilling one kid's crazy fantasy with the best concept I've ever seen. Read More >>

What the Next iPad Might Look Like (If It Looks Like the iPad Mini)

Unsurprising reports about what the next iPad will look like have been coming out, parts showing off an iPad Mini-esque casing for the bigger iPad have been leaked and well, I'm no maths whizz, but one plus one usually equals two. If you want to get an idea of what the next iPad might, maybe, possibly, no guarantees here (!) will look like, we've got you covered. Read More >>

This Is What the iPhone 5 Could Look Like According to the Leaked Parts

We've seen a couple of supposedly leaked parts for the iPhone 5 hit the web recently. While we can't be certain they're real deal, if you slap 'em together with a bit of render magic, this is what the supposed iPhone 5 will look like. Read More >>


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