Ludicrously Thin iPhone Air Concept Would Blow Away if Someone Opened a Window

We're all for glossy "What If?" concept renders of unannounced future projects from amateur artists, if only because they give us images to use when specs leak. But what on earth is the point of an iPhone Air that weighs only 70 grams and is so thin a short-sighted relative may mistake it for a coaster? Read More >>

The iPhone 5S Home Button Ring Could Look Like HAL 2013

While it seems pretty certain that the next iPhone will come with a fingerprint scanner, what it will look like remains an open question. A "silver ring" around the home button (see below) is the prevailing theory; our friend Martin Hajek has taken a closer look at what that might mean in practice. Read More >>

A Colourful Budget iPhone Could Look Awfully Pretty on Shelves

There's been a lot of leakage about that rumoured budget iPhone lately, from sneakshots of all-white "iPhone 5C" packaging to repeated WSJ mentions. We still haven't seen one of the devices in colour, though. Not yet. And these renders by Martin Hajek show off how positively delightful a nice splash could be. Read More >>

If the Budget iPhone Is Real, We Hope It Looks Like This

Rumours of a "budget iPhone" feel like they've been swirling around the Internet for ages, but it'll still be a while before we know if they're real. If they are though, we hope they look as jaw-droppingly awesome as these renders. Read More >>

An iWatch Concept Has Never Looked This Good

We've got just about as much (or really as little) information about Apple's fabled iWatch as we ever have, but it never stops being fun to fantasise a little. This latest concept whipped up by designer Martin Hajek has got to be the best—and most Apple-like—we've seen yet. Read More >>

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What If the HTC One Came In These Awesome Colours?

HTC's finances have hit rock bottom, profit's down, revenue's down, and production hiccups mean it just can't get that fantastic new flagship out the door fast enough. HTC's going to need some seriously miraculous sales to dig it out of that mess, so maybe going radically coloured with the HTC One is the way forward? Read More >>

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Would You Buy the PS4 If It Looked Like This?

Our brothers from another mother over at T3 have had a stab at what they think the PS4 is going to look like, based on Sony's current design ethos. The question is, would you buy it if it looked like this? Read More >>

Size Comparison: Samsung Galaxy S4 vs. iPhone 5

Excited about the Galaxy S4? Maybe you are, but haven't had a chance to hold it. Or maybe you just haven't seen it lined up against its biggest (smallest?) competitor, the iPhone 5. Here are some high quality renders of the two side by side from our good friend Martin Hajek. Read More >>

Is This the PS4 or Just Another Crappy Bluetooth Speaker?

Sony's teasing something over on its Facebook page. It looks like a red, round thing that pops open. It might reveal a PS4 disc tray or, more likely, the hole you plug your MP3 player into in order to get the party started. Or, even less thrillingly, it might be an Easter egg. A joke. A stupid, rubbish joke, that we've just fallen for. What do you think? Thing or no thing? [Facebook] Read More >>

An iPhone in Different Colours Looks Fantastically Fun

I've never wanted an iPhone in different colours. Black with a tint of gloss or white with a silver lining has always been plenty enough. But then I saw these renders of what an iPhone in different colours would look like and man, a red iPhone looks like so much fun. Read More >>

A Giant iPhone Will Look Stunning

If you shut your eyes and listen closely, you'll hear the clop-clop of the inevitable: an iPhone that keeps getting bigger and bigger. And as much as we generally hate phablets, if an iPhone Plus looked like this, we'd melt. Read More >>


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