World's Largest Landfill Will Soon be NYC's Biggest Solar Facility

The proposed solar facility will provide 10 megawatts of electricity, five times what the current largest solar installation produces and enough to energise 2,000 homes. The 47-acre solar complex will increase NYC's renewable energy capacity by 50 per cent. The 35,000 high-efficiency solar panels will be installed and operated by Sun Edison at no cost to the city. Read More >>

Japan Mulls Nixing Nukes in Favour of Farming Wind

Japan has quite had its fill of nuclear power, thank you very much. As the country rebuilds from the devastating 2011 tsunami and subsequent Daiichi power plant disaster, it's looking toward alternate energy sources. Good call, minna-san. Read More >>

This Boring Warehouse Is Actually the World's Biggest Battery

There aren't enough letters in the alphabet to classify this monstrous battery China's built. D x 1,000? Not even close. With arrays larger than a football field it can store a whopping 36 megawatt hours of power. Read More >>


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