35p a Minute PAYG Car Rental Slowly Taking off in London and the UK

The idea of short-term car rental charged by the hour isn't anything new in our cities, but the service offered by Car2go is a little different -- it lets you drive one way and dump it somewhere else. It's a Boris Bike with a roof. Read More >>

The Most Expensive Flats in the World's Most Expensive Cities

A few days ago Mercer, the global human resources consulting firm, published its current list of the most expensive cities in the world. According to its survey, the most expensive place to station an employee isn't London, New York or Tokyo. It's Luanda, Angola. Read More >>

Watch an Iconic British Movie Every Day In November For Less Than the Price of a Pork Pie

Every day in November, Film4 is offering you a chance to watch or re-watch a British classic movie such as Slumdog Millionaire, Dead Man's Shoes, This Is England and The Last King of Scotland for just 30p per film. That's just £9 if you watch the entire month's offerings -- although you can't really -- it started yesterday. [Film4] Read More >>

The Olympic Cash-Cow-Milking Continues: Airbnb Gobbles Up the UK's Crashpadder and Wants a Slice of Your Place

The Olympics is seen as the biggest cash cow in history; all those tourists pilling into London with more money than sense (did you see how much those tickets were?). The notorious online home-renter Airbnb seriously wants a slice of that pie and is spending some major dough to make it happen, snapping up its UK competitor Crashpadder. Read More >>

Blockbuster Reminds Us It's Still Here With Netflix and LoveFilm-Blocking Time-Limited Movie Exclusives

With all this bluster about Netflix and LoveFilm, it’d be easy to forget that we also have Blockbuster in the UK. It’s still there with its brick and mortar stores, trying to justify its existence. Now it’s gone on the offensive with rental exclusives that tie-up films like Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy for two to three weeks; you won’t be able to get them anywhere else, not even streaming. Read More >>

how to
How To: Save Yourself £3 On Your LoveFilm Subscription

Rent DVDs, Blu-rays and Games by mail? Good news -- LoveFilm just got cheaper. But cheekily, to benefit from the new prices, you'll have to go in and manually adjust your package if you're already a member. Here's how to do it: Read More >>


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