This Incredible Portal Gun Replica Actually Makes a Companion Cube Float In Mid-Air

OK, so we've seen some really cool replica Portal guns in the past, even one that actually works, but this one totally blows them all away. This one genuinely makes a companion cube levitate, right there, floating in mid-air. Read More >>

This Awesome Steampunk Portal Gun Makes Me Crave For a 19th Century Portal Game

We've seen what the portal gun looks like in pixel-perfect replicas, but what would happen if you dumped it back in time? This gorgeous steampunk version, built out of the odds and ends of old dead things, is about as close as you'll get to finding out. Read More >>

The Full Sized Portal Gun You Can Actually Own

Finally you can own your very own life-sized Aperture Science Handheld Portal gun starting in April. Unlike the cake, this Portal gun is as real as they come, minus the hole-in-the-wall firing stuff, of course. Read More >>

Can't Afford a Real Classic American Muscle Car? Print One Out Instead

That’s what one man who was forced to flog his prized possession, a classic 1969 Ford Mustang, for a diamond engagement ring, thought. He rebuilt the car entirely out of printed-paper and PVA glue, just like a massive 3D jigsaw. Read More >>

TSA Stops Stupid Teen Wearing a Purse With a Replica Gun On It

A 17-year-old pregnant teen lost her flight when TSA agents insisted she had to check her bag, which has a replica gun attached to it. For once, I'm going to defend the TSA: this girl is a naff arseclown. Read More >>

French Built "Replica Paris" to Foil German Bombers in WWI

French newspaper Le Figaro has unearthed an incredible development from during the first world war, revealing that French authorities built a life-size replica of Paris to the north of the city to trick German attackers. Read More >>


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