Sex in Space Could Kill You

In a new study that's sure to make everyone's world just a little darker, scientists have discovered that sex in space could lead to severe health problems and life-threatening illnesses—brain disease and cancer included. Read More >>

Drinking, Drugs and Diet Don't Harm Your Sperm -- But Tight Pants Do

Most medical guidelines suggest that sperm count can be seriously set back by all manner of enjoyable activities: drinking, smoking, taking recreational drugs and even eating unhealthy food. A new study, however, suggests there's only one thing you really need avoid: tight pants. Read More >>

Women Might Replenish Their Eggs Like Men Do Sperm

Until about 2004, most scientists believed that women were born will all the reproductive eggs they would have for the rest of their lives. Then a scientist named Jonathan Tilly published research that claimed women might actually replenish their supply of eggs throughout their lives. Read More >>


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