A Giant Flaming Billboard is the Best Way to Advertise a Steak House

This billboard started life as an image of a large hunk of meat. But it was eventually consumed by flames, revealing a rather clever advertisement for a Russian steakhouse. Read More >>

The Six Swankest Bars and Restaurants Designed in 2013

Eating at home is a joy for many reasons—not least of which that decent shoes are not required for entry—but if you're going to go out (and you have the cashola), why not make it an evening to remember at a place that's as well-designed as it is delicious? Read More >>

We'd All Be Fat If Every McDonald's Looked This Inviting

When you're on a long road trip, you generally eat what you can, where you can. That can mean many meals at a combination Exxon/KFC/Taco Bell/Tiger Mart. But have you ever seen a rest stop as amazing as this hybrid gas station/McDonald's in Batumi, Georgia? (The country, not the state.) Read More >>

This Perforated Receipt Would Make It Super Easy To Literally Split the Bill

You may be at a point in your life where splitting the bill comes off as tacky, but everybody's been in that position where it's totally necessary. For those times, like when you're a poor, struggling student, the Go Dutch Bill would come in super handy -- if it actually existed. Read More >>

New Noise-Cancelling Technology for Restaurants Uses 123 Speakers to Serve Up Peaceful Meals

The days of having to shout over the noise at a restaurant may be over, thanks to a new digital noise-cancelling technology designed together by Meyer Sound and former Phish manager-turned-restauranteur, John Paluska. Utilising a combination of speakers, microphones, iPads, sound-dampening materials, and human ears, the staff at Comal can make the restaurant as loud or as quiet as they like. Read More >>

Eating an Edible Helium Balloon Looks Like the Most Fun You Can Have at a Fancy Restaurant

The chefs at Alinea, very probably the best restaurant in Chicago, have cooked up a super fun dish that'll brighten up any dinner table: an edible helium balloon. Yep, the entire balloon is edible, right down to the string which is "obviously dehydrated apple". The ballon is filled with helium and you can either pop the balloon with your mouth and inhale all the helium whilst eating or pop it with a needle and eat everything sans helium. Don't do that, suck the helium and sing. Read More >>

Annoy This Free Coffee Shop's Patrons From the Safety Of Your Browser

They say nothing in life is truly free, and that's perfectly demonstrated in this experimental coffee shop in Helsinki. The coffee is technically gratis, except for the cost of having to enjoy it in a setting controlled by the internet. Read More >>

How to Read a Menu, the Scientific Way

For decades, the restaurant trade has believed that there's a sweet spot on the menus they hand to you — a section in the the upper right corner, where your gaze will focus — and that's where they tend to list their highest mark-up dishes. But are we really that gullible? Surprisingly enough, no. Read More >>


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