Good GCSE Results? Thank Your Parents, as it Might all be Genetic

Soon, a DNA test might be able to tell you whether it's worth revising for exams or not, as new research suggests that genetic factors are much more important than schoolwork or home life when it comes to determining future exam successes. Read More >>

Microsoft: Google Shopping is Lying to You

Microsoft has launched a rather aggressive attack on Google, claiming its fierce internet rival serves up shopping results not based on relevancy, but on how much advertisers have paid to be right at the top of the page. Read More >>

Motorola Mobility Made a Loss of £44m in 2011

Despite shipping 10.5 million mobile phones and 200,000 Xoom tablets in the fourth quarter of 2011, Motorola's mobile division still managed to slump to a rather large £44m loss in 2011. That's down from a £42m profit in 2010. Read More >>


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