The Very First Hashtag, @Reply, and Retweet Ever

For better or worse (ok, probably worse), the hashtag, @reply, and retweet have become inextricable from modern language, and it's hard to imagine a time when saying "hashtag blessed" would have seemed insane. But all things must originate from somewhere, and Quartz has managed to track down the founding fathers of all three. Read More >>

Apple's iBookstore In Explicit Retweet Snafu

Looks like someone's going to get a boot up the backside. Apple doesn't have a very many official social media channels, possibly for this kind of reason. Whoever runs the official iBookstore Twitter account cocked-up royally, with one hell of a retweet. Read More >>

If You Want to Get Retweets, You Better Pay Attention to This

This is something that has always been obvious to me, but it's nice to see some actual data on it: if you want to get a higher chance of retweets, your tweet's length should be 71 to 100 characters. Read More >>


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