Virgin Galactic Doesn't Have Permission to Fly You to Space

If you're one of the 700 or so people who bought tickets to fly to outer space on Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic rockets, don't pack your space bags just yet: Smithsonian notes that the company doesn't have the Federal Aviation Administration permit required to take passengers to space. Hope you folks got traveler's insurance. Or kept your Bitcoin receipts. [Smithsonian] Read More >>

Virgin Joins FIA Formula E Electric Racing Car Championship Starting Grid

If you're a motorsports fan, the start of the 2014/2015 inaugural FIA Formula E Championship is about as exciting as it gets, with a brand new electric car class burning rubber in 10 host cities around the globe. Adding its electrically-powered wheels to the race for the chequered flag is Virgin, which has just announced it will have a team battling it out in the competition. Read More >>

Take Over Richard Branson's Private Island for Just £38,000 a Night

There are rich people. There are multi millionaires. Then there's Richard Branson. The forever young fellow is a cartoon character of a billionaire with everything from his own space tourism company to his own private island. But it's cool because he's willing to share. Read More >>

Watch a Virgin Galactic Test Flight from Onboard the Engine

This is what a Virgin Galactic supersonic flight with the SpaceShipTwo looks like, up close and personal. It's not quite space, but it's still damn gorgeous to watch. Read More >>

This is What Richard Branson Looks Like Dressed Up in Drag

When you're a billionaire who owns a Formula 1 team, what do you put up as collateral in a bet with rival F1 team and airline-owning billionaires? Why, your dignity of course. This is what happens when you lose a bet over whose team is better. Read More >>

Virgin America Installed a New In-Flight System to Help You Get Laid

Richard Branson: eccentric billionaire, adrenaline junky, sworn enemy of neckties, and now... matchmaker. That's right—Richard Branson wants to get you laid. What's more, he wants to get you laid in a goddamn airplane. Read More >>

Tycoon Tussles: Branson Wants a £1 Million Bet With BA's Boss, He Just Wants To Kick Him in the Balls

Which would you like more? £1 million, or the chance to knee the long-haired Virgin Atlantic owner in the family jewels? If you're the boss of British Airways, it's quite clearly the latter. Read More >>

See Old Man Branson Taught Dubstep DJing by Noisy Youth Skrillex

As well as being the first man on Mars, running aeroplane fleets, blogging about trains, owning banks and probably even encouraging his children to make a bit on the side by coldly eBaying their childhood toys, Richard Branson now has a new business venture -- Dubstep DJ. Read More >>

The First Man on Mars Could be... Richard Bloody Branson?

In an interview with a US news station, Richard Branson has revealed this he'll be taking his kids up with him when the first Virgin Galactic edge-of-space planes start running next year -- but a mission to Mars is his new ultimate fantasy. Read More >>

Get Lost In Space With Branson as Virgin Galactic's First Flight (Actually) Rockets Next Year

Looks like we're missing this target, but no fret, Branson and co. have announced the scheduled departure of the first Virgin Galactic space flight on board SpaceShipTwo. Read More >>

Oracle CEO Ellison Buys Hawaiian Island; James Bond Gets Nervous

Larry Ellison, the sixth richest man in the world, has just bought 98 per cent of Lanai, the sixth largest island in Hawaii. All the other kids at the billionaires club must have been bullying Ellison over his private island credentials, because his newly purchased chunk of America is 1000 times bigger than Branson's puny piece of off-shore real estate, that'll show 'em. Read More >>

Richard Branson's Gorgeous Water Filter Would Fit Nicely In His Space Ship

Trying to predict Richard Branson's next business move is harder than winning the lottery. The man has conquered media, the airlines, and has now set his sights on your kitchen sink with his new Virgin Pure water filtration unit that promises a better H2O experience. Read More >>

BBC Timelords Not Happy About Virgin Media's Doctor Who Cloning

Virgin Media's latest TV advert, which stars former Doctor Who actor David Tennant, has angered the BBC, which considers Virgin's use of the time travelling theme to be a little too close to cashing in on the long-running sci-fi adventure series. Read More >>

Richard Branson's Porn Squatting Victory

The bad man who was hoping the world of the future might have need of Richard Branson pornography has been defeated. Australian domain squatter Sean Truman was deemed to have registered in bad faith and has been ordered to hand it over. The site is now in our bookmarks in anticipation of Richard's next move. [The Register] Read More >>

Simon Cowell Sending Reality Show Winner to SPACE

According to quotes apparently coming from Simon Cowell today, a deal with Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic space tourism venture could see the winner of 2012's Britain's Got Talent sent into space on one of the first private space trips. Read More >>


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