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Ten (Mostly) New Illusions to Kick Start Your Brain This Morning

After a Monday like yesterday, it's not easy to get your brain back in gear for the rest of the work week. So consider this two-and-a-half minute collection of optical illusions a mental boot camp with Richard Wiseman serving as your overly-pleasant drill sergeant. Read More >>

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Another Ten Bets You'll Never Lose

There's no better time than the holidays—when everyone's all together—to scam, grift, and alienate your friends and family. So Richard Wiseman has returned with another series of unloseable bets that guarantee you victory thanks to basic science and physics. Read More >>

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Ten More Bets You'll Never Lose

Richard Wiseman will probably go down in history as the accomplice to thousands of amateur grifters. He's back with another collection of science experiments, physics demonstrations, and simple cons to impress your friends—if you have any left by now. Read More >>

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Here Are Ten Bets You're Guaranteed to Always Win

Richard Wiseman is back with another collection of clever tricks and simple science experiments that you can finally use for profit — not just entertaining your friends. Read More >>


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