Ridley Scott to Produce Second Halo "Digital Feature Project" for Microsoft

A variety of Hollywood names are rumoured to be attached to Microsoft's other Halo live action project, with famed director Ridley Scott said to be onboard as executive producer. This isn't the Spielberg-produced Xbox-exclusive series. It's something else. Something bigger. Read More >>

Prometheus 2 Looks Set for a March 2016 Release, But Do You Care?

A new report from the Hollywood Reporter lays out 20th Century Fox's movie release roadmap. Among the Marvel superhero flicks and unfathomably popular Liam Neeson action movies sits an unnamed Ridley Scott film, set for March 4th 2016. All evidence points to this being Prometheus 2, AKA Paradise. But given how disappointing the first movie turned out, should we still be excited? Read More >>

Harrison Ford Considering Returning For Blade Runner 2

Any hopes of Harrison Ford returning for the oft-mooted Blade Runner sequel seemed certain to be lost like when director Ridley Scott ruled out the involvement of the Star Wars hero. But now the electric sheep-like dreams of the film's many fans could become a reality, as Ford has put himself in contention for another bout with the replicants. Read More >>

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Watch Ridley Scott's Aliens Animated in Just 60 Seconds

Who has time to watch a whole movie anymore? It's summer! So in the spirit of phoning in everything once the temperature rises above 70-ish, here's Ridley Scott's Aliens in 60 seconds of adorable animation. Brought to you, of course, by the fine folks who did Star Wars Episode IV, Back to the Future, and The Matrix. Not bad for a human. [YouTube] Read More >>

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Jaguar Got Ridley Scott and Damian Lewis to Make an Awesome Short Film

For some reason Jaguar thought it necessary to get Ridley Scott and Damian Lewis to spit out a film to get you lusting after the gorgeous new F Type. It seriously wasn't necessary, but I'm not complaining. Beautiful cars, quality actors, gangsters, guns, and Mexico, what's not to like? Oh, and don't mess with Damian. Read More >>

Here's How to Get the Just-Released Prometheus Blu-Ray For the Cheapest Price Around

Yes, it's been that long. The time has come for the movie that had us all hyped up before it hit the cinema, to land on DVD and Blu-ray, and thankfully it won't cost you the Earth either. Packed to the brim with deleted scenes that actually explain some of the madness of Prometheus, this might be one movie actually worth owning on disc. Here's where to get it cheap. Read More >>

Prometheus 2 Confirmed, Only Two Years to Wait

Good news Prometheus fans, after a box office success to the tune of £194m, Ridley Scott has just confirmed rumours that a sequel is definitely in the works, and he's pushing for a 2014 to 2015 release. Read More >>

Ridley Scott Lets Slip That a Prometheus Sequel Is Definitely On-the-Cards

If the mysterious end credits and new video weren't enough of a hint that a Prometheus sequel is on the way, Ridley Scott's more or less confirmed a second film is planned, and it's probably going to be called Paradise. Read More >>

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Is There Still More Prometheus to Come?

Now that Prometheus has landed in the cinema, you would have thought that all the teasers and other bits and pieces would stop, but no. Even the end credits have something for us to muse over -- but what does it all mean? Read More >>

After All the Hype, Prometheus Is Finally Here. But Was It Any Good? (Warning: Spoilers)

After literally months of teasers, trailers and intense anticipation, Ridley Scott's return to sci-fi is finally upon us. Prometheus sure gained some mixed critical reviews, but now that you've placed bum-on-seat and witnessed it with your own two-eyes, tell us what you really thought. Read More >>

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The Prometheus Space Ship Is Meant to Look Like an Insect

The release of the sure-to-be-astounding Prometheus is so close I can almost taste it. Just three more days before you can plunk yourself in your cinema seats for what's bound to be the summer blockbuster. In the meantime, check out this new featurette talking up the design of the soon-to-be famous ship. Read More >>

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These Gorgeous Prometheus Space Suits Truly Show Ridley Scott's Legendary Attention to Detail

There's just over 20 days to wait till Prometheus hits our screens, and I simply can't wait. We've seen the incredible trailers, amusing teasers, and a load of shots from throughout the film, but have you seen just how incredibly detailed those awesome-looking space suits are? It goes to show why Ridley Scott's incredible attention to detail makes his films just so good. Read More >>

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If You Thought the Previous Prometheus Trailers Were Good, You Haven't Seen Anything Yet

Now this is what I call a block-busting trailer – the full, three-minute international Prometheus trailer, which debuted on Channel 4 last Sunday, shows off more juicy details than ever. If you were in any doubt that this movie is going to be truly epic, this will put your mind at rest. Read More >>

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Listen to Ridley Scott Talk Sci-Fi While You Feast Your Eyes On Some More Awesome Prometheus Footage

We’ve got yet another tasty Prometheus treat for you today, and this one’s chock-a-block full of new footage plus some Ridley Scott worship. The featurette has Scott talking sci-fi, while we get to see more from inside the alien ship, Prometheus, and out on the alien planet. Read More >>

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Some More Stunning Prometheus Stills Show If In Doubt, Burn Them to a Crisp

Looks like the Prometheus crew will be taking the Aliens approach – burn first, ask questions later. I still don’t see why their car isn’t equipped with guns though. The sets do look truly awesome, and even that Medipod looks a hell of a lot more impressive in the flesh. Prometheus really should be truly epic and I can't wait. Read More >>

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Mess With Prometheus' David 8's Emotional State to Your Heart's Content With This Awesome Interactive Plaything

We saw David 8’s super creepy advert yesterday, but today we've been treated to a new plaything. Now that all the codes have been unlocked you can simply hit buttons to force David into crying; looking mildly happy; get as angry as an emotionless Spock does, or pull off a smugness that’ll make you want to mash him in the face with your digital fist. Read More >>


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