How to Capture the Perfect Instagram, By Rihanna

Don't post too many Instagrams in a row. Stop photographing your food. Hefe is best for capturing supernatural events. No, stop, you're all wrong. Rihanna has the best advice for how to take the perfect Instagram: Read More >>

Shut Up, Haters, Rihanna Didn't Rip Off Your Nerd Art

Self-proclaimed "web artists" are in a huff Rihanna's weekend Saturday Night Live performance, which featured green-screen graphics clearly influenced by the often tacky aesthetics of the internet. Sorry, whiners. You don't own the screensaver. Read More >>

Trousers and a Cardigan Before 9.00pm, Please, Rihanna

Rihanna has spoiled it for everyone -- new guidance from TV regulator Ofcom has again called for broadcasters to watch the amount of grinding and bottom shots in music videos and performances shown before the 9.00pm "watershed" psychological barrier. Read More >>


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