BlackBerry 10 Launch: Everything You Need To Know

Well, here goes. RIM is announcing its new BlackBerry 10 OS and hardware today. This could be the launch that gets RIM back in the game for smartphones. Or it could be the last time BlackBerry is relevant. It's a big moment. Read More >>

RIM Gives Us a Master Class on How Not to Answer a Question

We're used to politicians talking a heck of a lot, but not actually saying anything of substance at all, and definitely not answering the damn question. But RIM's EU MD, Stephen Bates, has just put them all to shame. Here's how to stick to a pre-written PR script no matter what the hell happens. Or in other words, how not to do an interview. Just listen to this cringe-fest. Read More >>

A Woman Dancing In a Bikini and Four Other Stupid Things People Did to Get a Free BlackBerry 10

Look people, I know the BlackBerry Z10 looks great, but I just can't believe that some of you are doing these stupid things to get one for free. Ok, five of you. Read More >>

What RIM Needs to Prove with BlackBerry 10

RIM's day of reckoning is almost here. Tomorrow, the once-mighty Canadian company will officially unveil its new BlackBerry 10 operating system, along with new hardware. It's a chance at rebirth, reinvention, and getting out from under its walking corpse reputation. But for that to happen, RIM needs to prove it's back on the right track. Read More >>

Sorry Apple, the BlackBerry Z10 Is Hotter Than the iPhone

I've always hated BlackBerry phones. Disgracefully ugly bricks they were—until BlackBerry 10. If the RIM's new flagship Z10 device really looks like this—and apparently it does—and if the OS is as nice as it seemed at CES, I will totally snatch one up. Read More >>

Purported Press Images of Blackberry Z10 Leaked

A new set of pictures, purporting to be official press images of BlackBerry's new Z10 handset, have popped up on the internet courtesy of @evleaks. Read More >>

RIM: We Might Sell Our Hardware Division

RIM CEO Thorsten Heins has admitted that he is considering selling the company's hardware division after the launch of new OS BlackBerry 10. Read More >>

The Clearest Shots Yet of BlackBerry's Great QWERTY Hope

Blackberry Empire claims these are shots of RIM's N-Series BB10 handset that have leaked ahead of the official BB10 launch on January 30th. And if these are real shots, we're intrigued to actually hold the phone to see how it handles. Read More >>

RIM's Developer Bribery Is Working

RIM's BB10 ambitions are coming along nicely, with developers responding in huge numbers to the blatant cash bribe offered to get their apps up on BlackBerry App World and ready for BB10's imminent launch. Read More >>

BlackBerry Down, Again

RIM's really not helping itself here, or is it Vodafone's fault? No one seems to know. All we do know is that BlackBerry users on Vodafone across Europe, Africa and Asia, including the UK, are having issues. No push email, no web, no nothing. Great. [Reuters, Twitter] Read More >>

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I Wish iOS and Android Had the Awesome BlackBerry 10 Keyboard

The new BlackBerry 10 looks very good. It may be too late to save RIM, but it's certainly not too little. It's loaded with great stuff. In fact, its keyboard is so terrific that I wish every manufacturer had it. Here's why: Read More >>

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The Complete BlackBerry 10 Video Walkthrough: Surprise, It's Neat

This is the new BlackBerry 10, two weeks from its official release. And while visually it looks like a cross between Android and iOS — without any of the spiffiness of Windows Phone — RIM's make-or-break operating system is surprisingly nice. Fast, with clever user interface touches, a centralised hub for all user activity and a good browser. Read More >>

RIM's Got an Anti-Creepshot Patent for Suits

Innovation is alive and well at RIM, especially in the anti-creepshot vector. A new patent, issued to the company yesterday by the USPTO, would cut down on "inconspicuous" camera shots like the ones taken by corporate espionage enthusiasts and total pervs. Read More >>

Is This BlackBerry's QWERTY Savior?

The hole RIM has found itself in is deep, dark, and doused in despair. And as much as the company's gambling on its new BB10 platform to pull itself up, an operating system's only as good as the phones running it. So take a good, hard look at this supposed BlackBerry N-Series device. It could be RIM's best shot at survival. Read More >>

BlackBerry Z10 Named as First BB10 Hardware

Mobile phone industry sources claim RIM's about to dump its traditional naming convention when it launches those new BB10 handsets next January, with one of the two new BlackBerry models it's set to announce going under the name BlackBerry Z10. Read More >>

RIM's Profits Crash as 1m Subscribers Abandon Ship

Even the Mayans could've seen this coming. BlackBerry maker RIM has seen its profits collapse this year, with the troubled phone company banking just £5.5m last quarter compared with £163m the year before. Read More >>


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