Cameron May Raise Tax Allowance to £10,500 So You Like Him More

"What a horrible man," people say, unless he hands us all a nice tax break, in which case have all of our votes, Dave. That's how David Cameron thinks you think anyway, with the PM and chum George Osborne said to be planning to announce a significant rise in the basic tax allowance so we forget about the bad things and vote him in again. Read More >>

Vodafone: Ofcom's Mid-Contract Cancellation Plan Could Raise Costs for Everyone

Ofcom's welcome decision to look at mid-contract mobile cancellations hasn't gone down very well with Vodafone, which claims "millions of people" might end up paying more for their phones to the detriment of the UK mobile market. Read More >>

Ofcom to Let Mobile Users Bail Mid-Contract if Prices Rise

Mobile regulator Ofcom is looking into the difficult issue of mid-contract mobile price rises, putting forward the idea that customers might soon be able to walk away from a long term deal if the price goes up. Read More >>

Ofcom Investigating Recent UK Mobile Contract Price Rises

After receiving loads of complaints following a series of mid-contract price rise outrages, regulator Ofcom is said to be looking at the practise of networks including "price variation clauses" in their contracts which let them take more money off us whenever they like. Read More >>


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