Kinect-Powered Roaches Are an Army of Grossness

It's not very common to find an enthusiastic fan of motion-controlled gaming, but it's rarer to find an enthusiastic fan of roaches. But for the unlikely fan of both, researchers have developed the best(?) of both worlds: Kinect-controlled cockroaches. Read More >>

Super Speedy Electric Cockroaches Are Almost as Creepy as the Real Thing

There's nothing that inspires shriek-worthy horror quite like the terrible skittering of a cockroach bursting out from whatever dark corner and racing frantically to the next. Well that's not reserved for just normal, squishable cockroaches any more. The VelociRoACH, a six-legged, 4-inch little sucker, darts around at speeds of over six miles per hour, or 26 body-lengths per second, making it one of the fastest robots around. Read More >>


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