One Neil Diamond Album Download Hits Teacher With £2,600 Roaming Data Bill Shocker

A lady who fancied listening to a bit of Neil Diamond while on holiday in South Africa was royally ripped off in roaming fees from network Orange, which managed to charge her a staggering £8 per MB in mobile data costs. Total cost to download one album over the mobile network? £2,600. Read More >>

European Mobile Data Charges Will be Scrapped From 2015

Planning a trip across Europe for 2015? Well you can knock sorting out roaming packages from your to-do list. Members of the European Parliament have today agreed a ban on mobile network roaming fees across the continent. Croissants and paella for all! Read More >>

Three Extends Charge-Free "Feel at Home" Roaming to the US

Has there ever been a better time to be a Three network customer? Probably not -- with the gradual roll-out of its free 4G services underway, Three has extended its generosity further by popping the United States (alongside Macau, Indonesia and Sri Lanka) onto its "Feel at Home" roaming list, allowing you to dodge expensive roaming charges Stateside and use your contracted data, minutes and texts as normal when across the pond. [Three] Read More >>

Leaked Euro Law Wants a Ban on all Mobile Roaming Fees

All mobile phone chat, text and data roaming fees across Europe might be due for the chop soon, according to a leaked draft proposal from the European Commission that aims to standardise costs across the EU. Read More >>

Three Bins Calling, Text and Data Roaming Fees in Seven Countries

UK mobile network Three has jiggled its overseas calling plans, introducing something it calls the 'Feel At Home' option. This means full use of your UK contract minutes, texts and mobile data allowance when in one of the seven countries initially covered by the scheme. Read More >>

EU Mobile Roaming Fees Less of a Rip-Off From Today

Today's the day the EU's latest bit of positive price fixing legislation kicks in, with new rules regarding how much the mobile networks can charge us for roaming while away from home coming online right now. Read More >>

EU Votes to Ban Mobile Call, Text and Data Roaming Fees From 2014

A complete end to mobile roaming fee stress should hit Europe next year, thanks to EU politicians voting to approve and "fast track" into law regulations that stop the networks charging us any roaming fees while within the EU's member states. Read More >>

Facebook to Provide Free and Discounted Data Overseas

Facebook has announced that, over the coming months, it will be partnering with 18 network operators in 14 countries to provide users with free or discounted data for some of its mobile apps. Read More >>

Mobile Networks Plan Single Europe-Wide Mega-Network

Roaming fees, capped rates and awkward daily allowances might soon be a thing of the past for European travelers, thanks to plans by four of the biggest EU telecom companies to launch one massive Europe-wide super-network. Read More >>

EE's 4G Roaming Won't Be Live Until 2013

Finally having 4G in the UK is awesome, even if it is horrendously expensive. But what about when you travel with your brand new 4G phone? Right now you can't get 4G abroad, even though lots of other countries have LTE networks -- you'll have to wait till 2013 to find out how much it's going to gouge your wallet. Read More >>

T-Mobile's Global Roaming Data Deals Start at £1 a Day for 3MB Across Europe

T-Mobile has joined O2, Vodafone and Three in offering a capped mobile data plan for travellers, so its users don't end up with a £150 phone bill for daring to send a horrified Tweet from the streets of Magaluf. Read More >>

Three Wants a Fiver a Day for its European Roaming Bundle

We've recently seen O2 and Vodafone launch their EU-wide roaming packages, designed to comply with new guidelines about not ripping off customers too much when they're on their hols. Now Three has come out with the details of its own, pricier option, called the Euro Internet Pass. Read More >>

Vodafone Lets You Access Your UK Calling Plan Across Europe, for £3 a Day

Vodafone has joined O2 in offering a new cross-Europe mobile data and calling option, designed to help put an end to the sheer terror we feel upon landing in another country and imagining how ludicrous our next phone bill will be should we dare check Twitter in a moment of weakness. Read More >>

Mobile EU-Roaming Price Cuts Are Go

The final hurdle against the much needed EU mobile phone roaming cost cutting we heard about in March has been passed -- the European Union council has given the go-ahead, meaning capped costs for data from July 1st, just in time for live streaming of your summer holiday. Read More >>

O2 Launches Pay-Per-Day Euro Discounts to End Holiday Data Worries

O2 has launched a new bolt-on mobile package it's calling O2 Travel, which gives its monthly contract and pre-pay customers a cross-European bundle of calls and mobile data for a fixed price of £1.99 a day. Read More >>

Finally, You'll Be Able to Tweet From Spain Without Taking Out a Mortgage

First the House of Lords said no to rip-off roaming charges, now the EU has put its foot down too. The European Parliament has just agreed to cap roaming prices from July this year bringing calls, texts and data charges across Europe down to a more stomachable level so your Facebooking antics don’t have to stop at the border. Read More >>


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