Honey Monster Involved in iPhone Robbery

The life of a street performer isn't easy these days. First the Predator gets pushed over by a very un-Schwarzenegger like thug in Birmingham City Centre, and now the Honey Monster has got himself caught up in a snatch-and-dash iTheft. Read More >>

10,000 Phones Stolen in London Every Month as Police Announce Crackdown

If you're reading this on a smartphone (...that doesn't belong to you, over the shoulder of your next robbery victim) then, douchebag, you'd better think again -- a Met Police crackdown on mobile phone theft is aiming to take scum like you down. Read More >>

Genius Bank Robbers Dug a 100-Foot-Long Tunnel to Rob a Bank

This is so incredible that I think I've seen this in a movie before.* And if I didn't, it should be put in a movie immediately. Genius bank robbers dug a 100 foot tunnel from a parking garage across the street to the bank's safe deposit room and walked away with over £11,000,000 in goods. Read More >>

A Teenage Girl Got Arrested Because She Posted a Video on YouTube Saying She Stole a Car and Robbed a Bank

Hannah Sabata, a girl who's only 19 years old, did something a lot of teenage girls do: post a video to YouTube in which they talk to the camera. But unlike most 19-year-olds, Sabata bragged about stealing a car and robbing a bank, even flashing the cash to prove it. She, um, got arrested because of that video. Read More >>

Here's What to Do if Your Tech Gets Nicked By Violent Scumbags

A couple of days ago, I just happened to be in one of the less salubrious parts of London, and had the misfortune of being the victim of a rather violent mugging. Though the actual rolling-around-on-the-floor-getting-kicked part was over pretty quickly, I've been struggling to get my life back in order ever since. He's a checklist of stuff to do if the same happens to you. Read More >>

Thieves Stole £1 Million of iPad Minis from Airport

Breaking into the same JFK airport cargo building featured in the movie GoodFellas, two thieves stole two pallets of iPad Minis — about £1 million worth — in a slick robbery that included using the airport's own forklifts and possibly an inside man. Read More >>

Mathematical Proof That Robbing Banks Doesn't Make Economic Sense

If you're struggling for cash, maybe the idea of robbing a bank has idly entered your mind. Don't do it! Because a new study by a team of economists shows that it doesn't make any financial sense whatsoever. Read More >>

Stupid Criminals Get Caught After Stupidest Facebook Mistake Yet

Just when I thought criminals with Facebook accounts can't possibly be more stupid, another imbecile comes along and proves me wrong by robbing an internet cafe at gunpoint—after using one of the computers to log into Facebook and leaving his account open. Read More >>

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Genius Thieves Get Caught on Video By the Same Security Cameras They Were Stealing

If you're looking into becoming an enterprising criminal, don't be like these guys. Why? Because these two super slick robbers stole security cameras... without bothering to steal the security cam's footage. Meaning they were recorded stealing by the items they stole. Read More >>

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Watch the Saddest Robbery Attempt Ever Caught on a Security Camera

This is hilariously pitiful. An armed robber stormed a bar and demanded everyone give him their money. Usually, everyone freaks out and hands over everything they have. Not in this case. At this bar in Rotterdam, everyone ignored the robber and kept drinking. Read More >>

How Does an Entire Bridge Go Missing?

Police in North Beaver Township, Pennsylvania are scratching their heads right now. Why? A 15-metre long, 6-metre wide steel bridge just disappeared. How? Apparently, some very bold criminals just up and stole it. Read More >>

A Woman with a Toy Gun Tried to Rob a Store But Got Arrested By a Fake Cop

Wilnelia Rivera Caraballo, a 19-year-old girl, got a little tipsy and felt empowered to rob a store. So she armed herself with a toy "Uzi-type" gun, a clear plastic mask and went to work. Too bad there was a keen worker who outwitted the dimwitted half of Bonnie and Clyde. Read More >>


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