£9,500 Talking Robot Uses Your Friend's Face to Add HORRIFYING TOUCH to Voice Calls

SociBot-Mini is a weird little desktop robot, one with a face that's designed to be part display. The USP is that it can load in an image of someone's actual face, then display and animate that while you talk to them, with eyes that follow you about the room. That won't in anyway distress children and animals. Read More >>

Geniuses Create Robot That Plays Flappy Bird Better Than Humans

Do you suck at Flappy Bird? Don't worry, most humans do. Even if you're smart, the game is so silly it won't reward your intelligence. Two guys from China used their frustration to make a robot that dominates Flappy Bird. It uses a webcam to figure out how many taps are needed to clear the pipes and a robotic arm made from an old hard drive and a tip of a stylus. Hasta la vista, birdy. Read More >>

Heart Cells Power This Swimming, Sperm-Like Bio-Bot

Say what you will about these sperm-like bio-bots; they've got heart. The beating of live heart cells propels a tail back and forth, so that these self-powered swimming bio-bots—the first of their kind—could one day wriggle through your body delivering drugs. No batteries needed. Read More >>

This Font Was Created By a Robot

This typeface may not look incredibly sophisticated, but give it a chance: it was, after all, created by a robot. Read More >>

Print an Interactive Robot On the 3D Printer You Totally Have

A lot of life is plotting ways to freak your friends out, and there's nothing like a weird robotic head sitting on your desk to do the job. Maki is an "emotive robot" from HelloRobo that you build with 3D printed parts, plus third party tech like sensors. Read More >>

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Pentagon's New Mechanical Horse Is Smart Enough to Follow Its Masters

Boston Dynamics keeps refining its Legged Squad Support System, the robotic quadruped descendant of the good old and creepy Big Dog. The new version of the eerie mechanical horse, which will aid US Marine squads once finished, got some cool upgrades. Read More >>

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Military Robot Cheetah Is Faster Than Usain Bolt—and Freaks the Hell Out of Me

This is freaking scary. This is even scarier than Big Dog. It's the latest version of the Pentagons's newest Cheetah robot and it now runs faster than Usain Bolt. 0.5 miles per hour faster than the fastest man on Earth. And if it can catch Bolt, it can catch you too. And then kill you. Read More >>

How to Survive a Robot Apocalypse

When robots become sentient, it won't be long until they rebel. But while many a Hollywood movie may convince you that humans will have their luck cut out trying to battle the 'bots, there is an easier way: just add water. Read More >>

Robot Body Controlled By Human Thoughts Alone

For the first time, scientists have managed to use fMRI scans of a human to control the movements of a robot body. The link between man and machine allowed the researchers to control a robot in France from a brain scanner in Israel. Read More >>

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Meet Prometheus' Robot That's Creepier Than Even the Aliens Themselves

Robots, or more precisely Androids, have been a mainstay of the Alien franchise since the beginning, with pretty mixed consequences. Looking at this super creepy “David” advert from Weyland Industries, you can tell right from the start that these guys are going to be trouble. Read More >>

This Remote Controlled Car Can Jump 9 Metres In the Air

There is a new version of Sand Flea, the amazing 5kg radio-controlled car beast that can race and jump over buildings. Read More >>

An MRI-Powered Robot Can Swim Through Your Guts

If you've ever had the pleasure of experiencing endoscopy, you'll think there must be a better way to check out your insides than having a camera shoved up your arse. Now there is, and it's robotic! Read More >>

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Maze Solving Robot Mouse Makes Real Lab Mice Look Downright Stupid

Even after spending years solving countless placemat mazes at restaurants around the world, I'm still no match for this robotic micromouse that races through this giant maze in just 3.921 seconds, shaving a full second off the previous record. Read More >>

Murata's Self Balancing Powered Walker is Perfect For the Elderly and Super Lazy

Like a Segway you can't ride, Murata's new power assisted, self balancing walker provides a stable support for senior citizens, allowing them to stay mobile while not tiring as quickly. Read More >>

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Surgeon Peels Grape With His Bare... Robot Fingers

Wow, now that's something you don't see everyday. Watch as a urology fellow at Southmead Hospital in Bristol peels a grape with the aid of a da Vinci surgical robot, which is normally used for things like heart valve repair. [News Scientist] Read More >>


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