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A Real-Life Robotic Avatar Turns You Into a Machine

By Sam Gibbs on at

Avatar has taken one giant leap towards becoming real thanks to some Japanese robotics boffins. Their new Telesar V gives wearers of a head-mounted display, some vest-mounted sensors and a special pair of gloves the ability to not only control a robot, but see, hear and feel what it does too.

Welcome to Space Camp

By Brent Rose on at

When you were a kid, did you dream of going into space? Maybe you had a colouring-book about a lunar voyage. Or maybe you and your best friend tried to create anti-gravity out of cleaning products and accidentally killed a tree in your front yard. Y'know, hypothetically. If any of this sounds even remotely familiar, it's a safe bet that NASA figured in your dreams.


SCORP: The Future of Throwable Surveillance

By Andrew Tarantola on at

People have been affixing cameras to RC car chases since forever but those primitive spybots always had one fatal flaw when surveiling urban areas—stairs. The SCORP, however, can drag itself up a flight if it needs to or be thrown in directly through a second-story window.