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Pure Space Porn: These are the Naughtiest Rocket Parts

Rocket hardware is always awesome eye candy, no matter what country is sending stuff into space. Awesome, and, well, sexy. You know what I mean. I like the rockets with the boom. Just look at all these pretty space-bound asses. Read More >>

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A Rocket, a Meteor and the Milky Way, All in One Overwhelming Image

Pictures of rockets, meteors and the Milky Way are all amazing. But one with all three makes for an overwhelming image indeed. Read More >>

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Russian Rocket Hardware Looks Even More Badass in a Blizzard

Okay, confession time: I've got a crush on the Russian Proton-M rocket. Okay, so it's not the most reliable rocket in the world. But that doesn't mean I love it any less. And the blizzard! So Russian! Read More >>

A Russian Rocket Just Exploded Over Kazakhstan as It Launched

A Russian rocket just crashed seconds after it was launched from a spaceport in Kazakhstan. Footage from local news channels shows how the rocket wobbled through the sky as it rose into the air, before disintegrating and falling back to Earth. Read More >>

That North Korean Satellite Is Probably Dead

Last week North Korea launched a satellite into orbit. But now, just a few days later, New York Times is reporting that it's probably already dead. That didn't take long. Read More >>

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How To Turn a Propane Nozzle Into a Rocket Engine

If you’re trying to turn a propane nozzle into an actual rocket engine, chances are you are going to run into more than a few problems. If you’re trying to use it as a practical effect, on the other hand, to make something that looks like a convincing rocket thruster, you’re barking up the right tree. Read More >>

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In Six Hours, A Russian Robo-Freighter Sprints To the ISS with Tonnes of Supplies

Two days might not seem that long for your latest Amazon order's arrival, but for the crew of the International Space Station, waiting 48 hours for fresh supplies must seem an eternity. That's why NASA and Rosaviakosmos have melded new technology and old technique to deliver supplies eight times faster than before. Read More >>

NASA's New Rocket Sled Looks Like a Lot of Fun

This is NASA's latest project and it looks like a lot of fun. Built by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory at the US Naval Air Weapons Station at China Lake, California, this rocket sled on rails is designed "to replicate the forces a supersonic spacecraft would experience prior to landing." Read More >>

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The Shuttle Launch Like You Have Never HEARD It Before Thanks to Skywalker Sound

I've seen many launches of the space shuttle from the point of view of the rocket booster, but none, none I tell you, match this one. It's simply amazing for one reason: the sound. Put your headphones on and listen. Read More >>

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Why Are Scientists Firing Rockets Against Auroras?

NASA scientists are now firing 46-foot-tall two-stage rockets against auroras because they hate them and they smell bad. Or maybe because they want to test how extreme space weather can affect digital communications between ground bases and spacecraft or satellites. Read More >>

How NASA Solved a £65 Million Problem for Under a Fiver

A few years ago, back when the Constellation Program was still alive, NASA engineers discovered that the Ares I rocket had a crucial flaw, one that could have jeopardised the entire project. They panicked. They plotted. They steeled themselves for the hundreds of millions of pounds it was going to take to make things right. And then they found out how to fix it for the cost of an extra value meal. Read More >>


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