The World's Fastest Model Rocket Car Just Hit 285 mph

A toy car could easily break the sound barrier—or go even faster—in a kid's spirited imagination. But back in reality it takes more than that. You need engineering, patience, and a handful of rocket model engines—all of which helped Hounslow student Samvir Thandi's SST-3B-Falcon rocket hit a top speed of 287.59 mph. Read More >>

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How to Turn Dry Pasta Into a Rocket Engine

NASA might rely on giant laboratories and factories to build its rocket engines, but all you need is a piece of pasta, a jar, some hydrogen peroxide, and a little yeast. Oh, and fire. Read More >>

Someone Turned a Quadcopter into a Flying Missile Launcher

Forget concerns over surveillance and privacy when it comes to quadcopters and drones filling the skies. A member of Flite Test—a site dedicated to custom flying creations—built a quadcopter with a built-in launch pad for firing model rockets while in flight. Read More >>

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Make Matches Into Mini Missiles Using Common Household Junk

Wile E. Coyote always used matches to light his ACME rockets. He wasted a lot of money. Turns out, you can cut out the middleman and use matches to make your own tiny rockets. Just don't try to ride them. Read More >>

Watch the SpaceX Grasshopper Reach a New Record-Setting Height

In the past few months SpaceX's Grasshopper has done test runs that included jaunts to 250 and 325 metres above ground. The rocket has been regularly sticking its landings and has even done some side-to-side manoeuvring. And now the Grasshopper has taken its biggest hop yet to 744 metres. Pretty slick. Read More >>

The First Cygnus Spacecraft Successfully Docked With The ISS

The Cygnus spacecraft, which launched from Wallops Island Flight Facility in Virginia on September 18th, successfully docked with the International Space Station this morning after astronauts aboard the ISS nabbed it with the station's robotic arm. Built by private aerospace group Orbital Sciences Corp., Cygnus was carrying 650 kilos of supplies. Read More >>

You Need to Hit 1.2 Million MPH to Exit the Milky Way

If this entire planet, solar system and galaxy just doesn't hold enough excitement for you, be prepared to pick up some speed—because scientists have worked out that you need to be travelling at a staggering 1.2 million mph to exit the Milky Way. Read More >>

An Experimental Cargo Ship Launched For the ISS Today

The first flight of the Cyngus, a new experimental spacecraft, lit off at 10:58AM today from NASA’s newly popular Wallops Island Flight Facility in Virginia. The Cygnus is an unmanned cargo vessel, and for this test mission it’s carrying about 590 kilos of supplies to the three astronauts currently orbiting in the ISS.
The newly-designed Cygnus cargo ship is built by private spaceflight company Orbital Sciences, which was responsible for the first moon mission launched from Wallops Island earlier this month. Since this is the first Cygnus space mission it's considered a "test" flight, but the payload of food and supplies, including a care package with chocolates for American astronaut Karen Nyberg, is probably pretty important to its recipients. Read More >>

Japan's Rocket Launch Was Totally On The Cheap

On Saturday the Japanese space agency Jaxa successfully launched the Epsilon rocket, which is carrying a telescope, Sprint-A, for planetary observation. Jaxa was able to complete the launch for about £23.2 million, half the cost of previous Jaxa rockets and cheap compared to an average £285 million NASA launch. Read More >>

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A Badass Rocket Launch Is the Perfect Addition to Any Skyline

Yesterday East Coast USA had the chance to see a real life rocket launch. We Brits obviously couldn't see it from way over here on the other side of the Atlantic. It's ok though. Here's a highlight.
Taken by Ben Cooper of Launch Photography, this fantastic shot shows the trial of fire the Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer's Minotaur V rocket left behind as it blasted out of orbit. Read More >>

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NASA's 3D-Printed Rocket Injector Spits Fire Like a Dragon

Last month, NASA successfully tested its first 3D-printed rocket injector. The test was successful and the pictures were great, but now we've got video. Nothing like a good science inferno. Read More >>

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NASA Successfully Test-Fires a Rocket Engine Built With 3D Printed Parts

While current real-world applications of 3D printers are usually quite depressing tales of nerds spending £3,000 to be able to print out a replacement chess piece, things are moving quickly up at the high-end sector of the market, with NASA claiming success in 3D printing spare rocket engine bits. Read More >>

Watch the SpaceX Grasshopper Hop Into the Air and Fly Sideways

You've seen the SpaceX Grasshopper blast off, hover and land vertically. You've seen it fly higher than the Shard and land vertically. Now you can see this innovative little rocket zoom 250 metres into the air and fly 100m sideways. You know what it does next? It lands vertically. It's incredible to watch this thing in action. It almost looks like a cartoon or something. Read More >>

Confirmed: Jeff Bezos Rescued Apollo 11's Engine From the Ocean Floor

Jeff Bezos' child-like love and wonder of space and rockets has yielded many a great thing, including Apollo 11's #5 engine. The Amazon CEO confirmed today that the rockets dredged from the Atlantic earlier this year are, in fact, those from Apollo 11. Read More >>

That Massive Russian Rocket Explosion Was Caused by Stupid Dense Humans

Last week a Russian rocket called Proton-M exploded over a spaceport in Kazakhstan just seconds after it launched. Turns out, we can blame some dumb humans for the blast—investigators found that the rocket's angular velocity sensors had been installed upside down. Read More >>

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This 263 KPH Rocket Bike Just Set a Land Speed Record

There's a surprising amount of energy locked away in the fizzing bubbles of hydrogen peroxide. Enough, in fact, to propel one daredevil and his modified bicycle into the record books at nearly triple the speed limit of your local motorway. Eat your heart out, Wile E. Coyote. Read More >>


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