There'll Be Some Sort of Spaceship In GTA V

We've seen all the crazy stuff you'll be able to do in GTA Online, as well as GTA V, but I've yet to see any mention of a UFO. However, according to the leaked achievements for GTA, Rockstar's apparently hidden at least the parts for one in there somewhere. Are we going to be blasting into space? Read More >>

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GTA Online Looks Absolutely Epic

We've seen a load of the single player from various teasers, images, and a trailer from GTA V. Now we get to see what Rockstar's done with GTA's online multiplayer. To say it looks amazing would be an understatement. Read More >>

GTA V's Los Santos Is a Really Strange Place

We've still got another month to wait before we can take our collective trip into the depths of Los Santos, but that hasn't stopped Rockstar drip-feeding us with tantalising titbits. Now you can take a virtual guided tour of GTA V's city, and get to know the guy who will patch you up, your friendly neighbours, and where the planes you'll be stealing are located. Essential reading. Read More >>

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Who Needs Next Gen Consoles When GTA V Looks This Good?

The more I look at all the screens and videos released by Rockstar from GTA V, the more I realise it's the developers that really make the difference, not the hardware. Take a look at these new gorgeous images and tell me I'm not right. Read More >>

Apparently You'll Even Be Able to Customise Your Dog in GTA V

Rockstar showed off weapon and car customisation, but failed to mention the best bit of GTA V. You'll supposedly be able to kit out your very own Rottweiler, customising the fearsome beast with all manner of paraphernalia. Read More >>

That GTA V Gameplay Trailer Was Running on a PS3

It turns out that the official GTA V gameplay trailer, which Rockstar spat out on Tuesday afternoon, wasn't running on either a special development box or some PC. No, it was the vanilla PS3 version on display. Read More >>

GTA V Might Actually Make It to the PC After All

After showing off some fantastic new gameplay yesterday, Rockstar posted a job advert in Leeds for a bod to "help bring our latest titles to the PC platform". If that doesn't scream GTA V for PC, I don't know what does. Read More >>

The Official GTA V Gameplay Trailer is Here

Can't wait till September 17th? We feel your pain. But like a smoker desperately puffing their way through e-ciggies to tide them through the day, you can use these five awesome minutes of GTA gameplay to tide you through. So much shooting. So much violence. And, tennis? Read More >>

You Can Now Pre-Order GTA V and Bag Yourself the Keys to a Blimp

You can finally pre-order GTA V in standard, special, and the all-singing, all-dancing collectors edition, complete with blueprint map, cap, a key, bag, fancy steelbook case and box, plus oodles of extra in-game stuff, including the keys to the Atomic Blip so you can fly that sucker over Los Santos. Read More >>

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Wow, Stealing a Car in GTA V Might Be a Bit More Realistic This Time

Stealing cars has never been what you'd call realistic in GTA. I mean, yeah, it has you pulling people out of moving vehicles and all that jazz, but when have you ever seen a smashed window? Well, you have now. Read More >>

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Meet GTA V's Three Main Characters

One of the best things about Rockstar's previous GTA outings has always been the great characters you get to romp around the city as. You don't always love them, but they always add meat to the carnage you unfold on all the unsuspecting street-dwellers. Here's the three you'll be playing in GTA V. Meet Michael, Franklin and Trevor. Read More >>

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This Is Probably What You'll Be Doing Most of the Time in GTA V

I play GTA for the fact that you can leave the story and just go on a rampage around the city, making your own fun and seeing just how far you can jump your car, bike, boat or whatever. This is what it'll look like in GTA V. Read More >>

Looks Like GTA V Is Coming to the PC After All

After rumours, then denials, with Rockstar staying pretty much mum on the subject; two German retailers, including Amazon, have thrown up listings for a PC variant of GTA V. Rockstar's incoming potential epic could get the draw distances we all want, thanks to the power of the PC. Read More >>

Rockstar's Got Four Months to Polish GTA V Into Something Actually Worth Playing

GTA V is still some months away, but Rockstar gave a select band of game journos some hands on time with a pre-release build. Judging by the new screenshots and previews, GTA V could be truly epic, but it needs some serious polish first. Read More >>

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57 New Screens That Show You Everything You Need to Know About GTA V

Rockstar's dumped an absolute motherload of GTA V screenshots onto the internet for your viewing pleasure. From cars, choppers, quad-bikes and motorbikes, to jet fighters, skydiving, mini-guns and scuba, this thing is going to be epic. There's even some sort of Mission Impossible moment, clinging to the glass of a high-rise office block. Ethan Hunt eat your heart out. Read More >>

Rockstar Puts Out the Weirdest GTA V Casting Call You'll Ever See

Remember that hilarious GTA V Scientology spoof, Epsilon Program? Well, it's back, and this time it's a casting call for all those who want to actually be in Rockstar's latest epic. Submit your details and photos; things can only go well, right? Read More >>


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