Impressive Build of an Inverted Lego Roller Coaster

Finally! A roller coaster that doesn't discriminate against the height-impaired! This feat of engineering was accomplished by Dutch Lego enthusiast, Luc2000. The build features a five-cart inverted roller coaster that fits ten minifigs in each car with four minifigs "staffing" the ride. Read More >>

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GE Is Turning a Roller Coaster Into an F-35 Launcher

Superman: Escape from Krypton has been terrifying Six Flags Magic Mountain visitors since 1997 over in the US. Once the tallest roller coaster on the planet and the first to employ a linear motor system, Superman launched riders up a 415-foot vertical track at 100 MPH. Now GE is working to convert the technology behind the amusement park ride into an electric catapult capable of flinging F-35s into action. Read More >>

New Zero Gravity Roller Coaster Will Be the Closest Thing You Get to Going Into Space

Most of us mere mortals won’t make it into space. Some just don’t want to; most just don’t have the cash. A new £30m roller coaster concept aims to give you an eight-second taste of space by simulating the feeling of zero gravity just like the famous vomit comet. Read More >>

Thorpe Park Stunt Leaves Dummies Armless

Thorpe Park’s latest £20m ride, The Swarm, has apparently left test dummies “alarmingly damaged” after a trial run showed arms being chopped off by collisions with “extreme near miss points”. Read More >>


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