Why Roller Coasters Make You Vomit and Scream

Ever wonder why roller coasters can make even the strongest of stomachs feel like they're turning inside out? Or why, as you seemingly dangle dangerously upside down, you never quite feel like you're actually upside down? And did you know that some of the force you feel along the way has the potential to "cause brains to bleed and eyeballs to explode?" Read More >>

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Take a Ride on the Roller Coaster With the World's Tallest Loop

Full Throttle is a brand new roller coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain in California. But it's not just any new thrill ride — it features the tallest vertical loop in the world. And this gravity-defying first-person perspective footage of the new loop de loop will twist your stomach into a Gordian Knot. Read More >>

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Transformers: The Ride Will Melt Your Face in Three Dimensions

£26 million buys you a whole lot of roller coaster. Need an example? Just look at Universal Studio's newest 3D mega-attraction, Transformers: The Ride. Read More >>

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Disney's Space Mountain Is Even More Impressive With the Lights On

The famed indoor roller coaster is among the most popular rides in the Magic Kingdom but most riders never get the opportunity to see how it's put together because it runs in near-complete darkness. Until now, that is. Read More >>

Forget Magnets, This Working 1:48-Scale Wooden Roller Coaster Is the Ultimate Desk Toy

Before high-tech engineering upped the ante on amusement park rides, coaster enthusiasts got their thrills riding wooden behemoths that felt like they were going to shake themselves apart. And now you can enjoy those same thrills from the comfort of your office chair. Read More >>

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This Scary Zipline Roller Coaster Looks Like a Dizzying Way to Die

The first zipline roller coaster in the United States debuted at Florida EcoSafaris in St. Cloud, Florida and turns ziplining into a curvy course of thrill seeking fun. Instead of ordinary straight line ziplining, which is plenty scary already, the zipline roller coaster throws sharp turns and big drops. Fun! Read More >>

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Watch a Death Luge Fly Down a Mountain with No Brakes

You know in The Temple of Doom when the mine cart's brake gives out and obviously everyone is going to shoot out the side of a mountain and die? This is sort of that, except on purpose and in Austria. Read More >>

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Walkable Rollercoaster Offers Good Exercise, Zero Thrills

It took over a year to construct at a cost of £1.7 million, but the world's least thrilling roller coaster is now open in Duisburg, Germany, ready for tourists looking to avoid thrills or anything exciting during their travels. Read More >>


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