Linksys Revives a Classic Design For Its Newest Wireless Router

Linksys' WRT54G is considered to be the best selling wireless router of all time. And its iconic black and blue design has become synonymous with such hardware—just look at the image used on this generic wireless router Wikipedia page. Read More >>

D-Link's Tiny 802.11AC Router Turns Tethered Internet Into Usable Wi-Fi

Finding free internet at the end of an ethernet cable is like winning a measly few quid on the lottery. You know you should be happy, but it's more of an inconvenience than anything. However, with D-Link's new AC750 compact wireless router, you can turn that tethered internet lemon into delicious wireless lemonade, and it even lets you share files on a USB drive with any computer in range. Read More >>

Shoddy Home Internet Set-Ups Waste Enough Bandwidth to Power iPlayer for 59 years

Crappy wiring, half-broken filters and poorly set-up routers are some of the more obvious reasons people off a less technically adept nature suffer slow broadband connections, with the wasted bandwidth enough to run the BBC's iPlayer service to everyone for 59 years. Read More >>

A Router Extender Is Your Wi-Fi Lengthener Deal of the Day

Wi-Fi is great, but then again, it isn't. Stuff gets in the way of our precious wireless internet -- useless stuff like doors and walls, and the signal rarely travels as far as the fancy words in the router blurb say it will. Read More >>

Sky's Wi-Fi Router Isn't Fast Enough to Deliver its Top Fibre Speeds

The latest version of the Sky Hub router Sky gives out to its fibre broadband customers has a bit of a problem, with tests finding it can't deliver the fastest advertised fibre speeds over its Wi-Fi connection. Ooops. Read More >>

Routers Really Haven't Changed Much in 25 Years

The humble router is your gateway to the internet. Everything you do on your home broadband connection goes through it, and if it's playing up it breaks your internet. In fact, if yours is anything like mine, it cocks up much more than it should. Maybe that's because they've barely changed in the last 25 years. Read More >>

What's The Best Wi-Fi Network Name You've Ever Seen?

I was travelling this weekend and found myself connected to the incredibly blandly-named "Home_Nework" Wi-Fi network. When I go home, it'll be scarcely better when I connect to yet another router with a boring out-of-the-box name: "FastRabbit." Bleh Read More >>

Asus Claims the Title of World's Smallest Wi-Fi Router

Amongst all of its Windows 8 PCs and tablet announcements at CES, Asus also quietly revealed what it's boasting as the world's smallest Wi-Fi router. And with a form factor only slightly larger than a well-equipped flash drive, the WL-330NUL Pocket Router is the perfect accessory for minimalist road warriors. Read More >>

lightning review
Apple AirPort Express (2012) Lightning Review: Probably the Best Router Ever

It's hard to have significant feelings about a router — it's supposed to just work and shut up, or not. But no router has ever just worked and shut up like Apple's newest AirPort — a white inch closer to networking perfection. Read More >>

lightning review
Western Digital My Net N900 HD Lightning Review: A Router You Might Actually Get Excited Over

What if a router could make sure streaming movies and online games always get the bulk of your bandwidth, even if everyone else in your house is downloading a zillion porn movies? That's exactly what hard drive kingpin Western Digital claims to have done with its first router, the My Net N900 HD. Read More >>

How to Hide Your Router in Plain Sight

You have a router. It's ugly and it blinks. Maybe it's located somewhere where you can't completely place it out of view. Maybe it needs to be in the open for reasons of signal strength. Either way, here's a very quick, very easy, and very elegant way to camouflage your router in the home. Read More >>

gift guide
Home-Warming Gifts for People Who Just Moved In

If someone you know just recently moved into an flat or house or cardboard box, well, they're going to have a lot of empty space to fill. And as a friend, it's your duty to warm that house up with stuff. Why? So when you crash there, you'll feel less guilty. I BOUGHT YOU THAT TOASTER BRO. Read More >>


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