How the Navy of the Future Will Find—And Destroy—Underwater Mines

You don't joke about mining important maritime trade routes—Iran did and nearly started WWIII. And while America's fleet of MH-53E Sea Dragons and Avenger-class mine countermeasures ships are still quite effective, they're getting really, really old. Both platforms entered service in the mid-1980s and are quickly nearing their retirement dates. Here's what the US Navy has in store for its future countermining operations. Read More >>

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NASA's Student-Designed Explorer Launches Today

Whether you think it's our fault or not, the simple fact of the matter is that the Earth is heating up—so much so that last summer's heat caused surface melting along an unprecedented 97 percent of the Greenland ice sheet. Now, researchers are turning to an ever-ready solar rover to survey the damage.
Dubbed the GROVER (Greenland Rover and/or Goddard Remotely Operated Vehicle for Exploration and Research), this treaded automaton was conceived and designed by students at a pair of NASA-run summer engineering bootcamps at the Goddard Space Flight Center in 2010 and 2011 as an alternative to the standard survey platforms—planes and guys on snowmobiles. It sets off today for a month-long excursion across Greenland's ice sheet to study the effects of all that surface melt refreezing. Read More >>

This Grizzly Won't Eat You So Much as Carry Your Luggage

It's a long hike through difficult terrain out to your favourite picnic spot—a trek made worse when you have to lug the champage flutes and foie gras along. But with this autonomous ATV from Cleartrail, you'll barely have to lift a trigger finger. Read More >>


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