Anyone Spotted One of these Awesome New London Tube £2 Coins?

Check your change folks. Apparently the Royal Mint's been firing out some fancy new commemorative £2 coins via London Tube stations, celebrating 150 years of the London Underground. The first load has been given to select tube stations for doling out in change, before a wide release later this year. Read More >>

Royal Mint Marks 100th Anniversary of Titantic's Doomed Voyage With a £83 Five Quid Coin

I’m still not quite sure why everyone’s so overly jubilant about the anniversary of a disaster, but it seems the world has gone Titanic crazy, including the Royal Mint. It’s pumped out a fancy looking commemorative £5 coin to mark the occasion, which you can buy for a whole £82.50, plus shipping of course. Read More >>

Need Help Explaining the Offside Rule? This 50p Will Help

Now that's a fantastic use of the back of a 50p -- explaining the odd sports rule like offside. The Royal Mint has been putting its collection of commemorative 50p coins into circulation since 2010, but now you can buy the complete set of the shiny 29 sporting 50p pieces for £85 or £2.99 each (plus postage). Read More >>


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