Terrace Chants Overpower Royal Fanfare as First Ever Buckingham Palace Football Match Kicks Off

Who ate all the pies? I'd pin it on the corgis, as Buckingham Palace plays host to its first ever football match today, with Civil Service FC and Polytechnic FC facing off today to mark the 150th anniversary of the Football Association's formation. Read More >>

Prince Andrew is the First Royal on Twitter, But We Wish It Was Prince Philip

There is an official royal family Twitter account out there to keep royalists on top of official engagements, and Harry's probably got a few registered under false names he uses to hit on ladies, but so far we've not seen an official royal use of the social site. Until now. Read More >>

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Prince Harry, Wearing an Angry Birds Hat

Crying out for a caption, I would say. [NY Mag] Read More >>

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I Wish Prince Charles Could Be My Weatherman Everyday

What happens when you throw Prince Charles in front of a camera and ask him to do the weather? Probably the best forecast Scotland's ever seen, and I for one am insanely jealous. Why can't the Prince be my regular weatherman? I'd tune into the news just to see him, even if all he's got for me is more bucketing rain. Read More >>


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