The Plan to Turn Jellyfish Into Nappies and Paper Towels

Of the many problems on Earth, here are two: there are too many jellyfish in the sea, and there are too many nappies in our landfills. An Israeli nanotech start-up called Cine'al says it has found the answer to both in Hydromash, a super-absorbent material made from the bodies of jellyfish. But why stop at nappies? Cine'al says jellyfish tampons, paper towels, and medical sponges could all be part of our absorbent future. Read More >>

This Sneaky Waste Bin Lid Lures Flies to Their Death

Just like Romeo and Juliet, flies are tragically destined to crave their one true love: pungent, mouldy, rotten rubbish. And thanks to this ingenious trash can design that traps flies only to have them starve. Read More >>

Gull-Proof Sacks Saving Carlisle Residents From Streets of Shame

Households in parts of Cumbria have been issued with retro hessian sacks by their local council, in an attempt to stop seagulls from rummaging through bin liners, eating waste and letting the wind blow their embarrassing credit card statements into nextdoor's garden. Read More >>

Stop Filling Up the Planet With Your Trash, Orders Robot Bin

Some parts of the Netherlands are acting on the terrible modern crime of putting rubbish in someone else's bin, requiring users to open their bins with an ID card before chucking stuff in it. Read More >>

Russian Man Gets Stuck In Chute Whilst Escaping Girlfriend

Now this is just plain bizarre. For some reason over in Siberia, a Russian man had to be rescued by emergency workers from a rubbish chute, after well, trying to hide from his girlfriend. Read More >>

Three Kicks-Off Its Fake "4G" Marketing Rubbish

I’d hoped we Brits would be able to avoid all this fake 4G rubbish that our American cousins have had to endure, but unfortunately Three went there. It’s calling its roll out of HSPA+ 4G, but it’s simply not. Read More >>


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