Illuminate Your Frustration With a Giant Light-up Rubik's Cube

Ah the Rubik's Cube. That infuriating block of colours that no one can solve without pulling off the stickers, utilising some sort of black magic, or inventing a frickin' robot to solve it for them. 40 years since it was first released on an unsuspecting world, the Rubik's Cube hasn't changed a great deal, but Firebox has announced a brand new version of the infuriating puzzle -- the Rubik's Cube Light. Read More >>

Lego Robot With a Smartphone Brain Shatters Rubik's Cube World Record

Cubestormer 3 is a robot with just one job—to solve a scrambled Rubik's Cube as swiftly as possible. Yesterday, at the Big Bang Fair in Birmingham, UK, it did the task in an astounding 3.253 seconds, faster than any human or robot in the world. Read More >>

If a Rubik's Cube is Bruce Banner, This Thing's the Hulk

Solving a regular Rubik's Cube is already a daunting task for most of us, and that's just 54 coloured squares you have to rearrange. Can you imagine if someone dropped this monstrosity into your lap? Completely scrambled and out of order? Resorting all of those coloured rectangles would take a lifetime—and restickering it? Just as long. Read More >>

Watch Baxter Solve a Rubik's Cube: Working Bots Need Hobbies Too

Most of the videos you can find of Rubik's Cube-manipulating robots are purpose-built to solve the puzzle in record time. But Baxter, designed as an affordable and easy-to-teach replacement for assembly line workers, isn't designed for any specific task. And that's what makes watching him solve a cube even more impressive. Read More >>

This Robot Can Solve a Rubik's Cube Faster Than You Can Say "Skynet"

What's the fastest you've ever completed a Rubik's Cube puzzle? Unless your answer is "less than a second", then you've got some way to go until you can beat this robot. Its next trick? The subjugation of the entire human race in ten seconds flat. [Bloomberg] Read More >>

How Many Rubik's Cubes Would You Need To Build a House?

Looking for an easier way to change the color of your home without breaking out the paint brushes and rollers? Build it from Rubik's Cubes, instead of traditional materials like wood, steel, or drywall. Read More >>

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How to Cheat and Look Like You Can Solve a Rubik's Cube

I can't solve a Rubik's Cube. All the spinning I do, all the rejiggering I try, all I end up with is a mess of colors with no idea how I got there. It's okay though! I can now fake it like I know how. Matt Parker has figured out a way to cheat and make it look like you can solve a Rubik's Cube—even though you have no freaking clue. Read More >>


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