This Rug Encases Han Solo in Carbonite on Your Living Room Floor

Is your living room floor bare? Do you like optical illusions? Do you love Star Wars? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you'll definitely love this floor runner depicting Han Solo stuck in carbonate. Read More >>

Turn Google Earth Images Into All-Terrain Area Rugs

We've seen rugs that let you cruise through the cosmos in your slippers, but these lovely floor coverings take a more terrestrial approach. Each of the one-metre-square samples is hand-tufted to depict a small glimpse of the world as viewed from Google Earth. Read More >>

Skywalk Through Outer Space with These Celestial Rugs

Hey stargazers and celestial daydreamers: Here's your chance to walk barefoot above the heavens. Spacecrafted is a new collection of rugs from German designer Jan Kath that takes hi-res satellite images of the great beyond and turns them into super detailed wool and silk patterns. Read More >>

Memory Rug Puts a PC's Guts On Your Floor

Had the Persian Empire had access to modern electronics, particularly the intricately etched circuit boards found in most devices, their famous woven rug designs might have ended up looking more like Lukas Scherrer's Memory Rug. Read More >>

These Eye-Popping Rugs Are Actually Perfectly Flat

These rugs, which depict the five senses of touch, smell, sight, taste and hearing, seem to leap out as three-dimensional shapes as you look at them. Weirdly, though, they are in fact perfectly flat. Read More >>

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Temperature Sensitive Rug Changes Colors To Match the Seasons

When you decorate a room you're stuck with a single color palette all year round that doesn't necessarily reflect the changing seasons outside. So maybe we should look to Siren Elise Wilhelmsen's color-changing rug for inspiration on designing a room that reflects, or contrasts, the temperatures outside. Read More >>

You Can Actually Turn Your DNA Into Houseware Decors

It's one thing to put your own personal touch into the appearance of your home. But basing your household aesthetic around your own unique DNA signature takes that idea up more than a few notches. Read More >>

Walk All Over Major Cities Without Leaving Your Family Room with Google Maps Area Rugs

Who has time to actually visit places anymore? Not me. Too much stuff to do that doesn't involve curiosity or exercise. That's why these Google Maps "Worldwide Carpets" area rugs are so perfect. Read More >>


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