Report: Amazon's Planning a Free Streaming Service for Original Shows

Amazon has its sights set on an ad-supported streaming media service for its Prime subscribers, according to the Wall Street Journal. Read More >>

These are Supposedly Leaked Photos of the Samsung Galaxy S5

We're expecting Samsung to announce its latest flagship, the Galaxy S5 in a couple of hours at the first of the year's Unpacked events at MWC. But because the internet is a leaky, leaky ship, we're seeing some images popping up already. Read More >>

In Association With SONY
Bloomberg: HTC Has Three New Wearables in the Works

Bloomberg is reporting that HTC will unveil the first of three new pieces of wearable technology to carriers at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next week. Read More >>

Report: Google and Foxconn Building Roboticised Factories of the Future

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Google and Foxconn are working together to create a new vision of roboticised factories. Read More >>

google glass
Should our Bobbies Follow the NYPD's Example and Begin Testing Google Glass?

According to a report by VentureBeat, The New York City Police Department is currently investigating how useful Google Glass could be in the fight against the city's crime. Read More >>

Report: Windows 8.1 Update May Scrap Tile Interface by Default

Windows 8 is an OS struggling to capture the imagination of the masses, and now rumours suggest that Microsoft may alter the way its Start Screen works in Windows 8.1 Update 1. Read More >>

Apple Patent Reaffirms Rumors of Pressure-Sensitive Touchscreens

Last year, Bloomberg reported that Apple was working on enhanced sensors capable of detecting different levels of pressure. Then, a patent popped up adding weight to the rumour. Now, a second patent lends the idea of pressure-sensitive touchscreens yet more credence. Read More >>

Fujifilm Teases X-Mount X-T1 Camera

Fujifilm has just teased its new X-mount camera, thought to be called the X-T1, and it's a retro delight: all manual dials for exposure, shutter speed, and ISO, and a cool old-school body. Read More >>

Windows 9 May be Revealed this April

Rumour has it Windows 9 (codenamed "Threshold") will be revealed at BUILD 2014, with a target delivery date in April 2015. [WinSuperSite via TechMeme] Read More >>

Patent Reveals How Samsung Would Use That Three-Sided Phone Screen

Last week, Bloomberg reported that Samsung has plans to produce a phone with a curved OLED screen which wraps around three of its sides. Now, a patent reveals how Samsung would make use of that kind of hardware. Read More >>

NYT: Google Glass Is About to Get More Musical

According to a report by the New York Times, Google will today announce a rich new set of musical features for Glass which will provide a better audio experience for those who choose to wear the devices. Read More >>

Samsung: Our Devices Will Have Folding Displays By 2015

The future is slowly arriving, with the advent of phones with radically curved screens—but Samsung isn't yet content. In fact, the company insists that the displays of its devices will be foldable by 2015. Read More >>

Bloomberg: HTC Is Building a Smartwatch Ready for 2014

Smartwatch rumours seem to be a dime-a-dozen these days, and now here's another: Bloomberg is reporting that HTC has been working on an Android-based smartwatch. Read More >>

Nokia Leaks Details of Its First Oversized Lumia Handset

With Windows Phone 8 now geared up for larger displays, you can expect to start seeing correspondingly large handsets. Like, for instance, the much-rumoured Lumia 1520—which Nokia has now leaked details of. Read More >>

Report: The New iPad Mini Will Be Retina After All

With Apple's big iPad event a day away, it's the last second to get in any predictions, and the Wall Street Journal has a good one. According to their sources, there is definitely a retina iPad Mini in the works. Read More >>


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