Looks Like Honeywell is Cooking Up its Own Nest Thermostat Clone

What's this we have here? We just got a tip from a reader that this is Honeywell's answer to Nest. Read More >>

New Samsung S5 Camera-Phone Hybrid Leaked in Ironically Blurry Photos

Is it a phone? Is it a camera? Whatever it is, it's shaped like a slightly thicker version of the Galaxy S5, and it's been caught on camera in the wild, a week before its expected debut at a Samsung event in Singapore. Read More >>

Nike Could Play a "Significant Part" in Apple's Future iWatch Plans

Days after it emerged that Nike is binning its Fuelband wearable range we've possibly found the reason why, with rumours suggesting the sportswear specialist may be helping Apple's hardware team launch its first wearable later this year. Read More >>

Report: Amazon's Whacky 3D Phone Will Also Have Gesture Controls

Rumour has it, Amazon is cooking up a crazy smartphone with all kinds of customisation, six cameras, and 3D features. Although there isn't a whole lot that's new here, BGR has just posted a deeper dive into what the actual software might look like, the most notable part of which is a whole host of tilt-activated gesture controls. Read More >>

It's Rumoured That the Galaxy Note 4 Will Come With Three Flexible Screens

If the latest rumours are to be believed, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will come equipped with flexible screens. Note that the use of the word "screens" there, this bad-boy is not just going to have one flexible screen, it's going to have three. Read More >>

Mystery All-Metal "HD" Samsung Galaxy S5 in Testing?

A collection of mystery Samsung mobiles have been spotted on a shipping inventory, seeming to confirm the fact that some newer Galaxy S5 models may be on the way. Including that one with the quad HD display. Read More >>

Rumour: Apple and Google Both Using Sly Tricks to Secure App Store Exclusives

Both of the world's major app shippers are offering key slots in their stores to developers, in return for short windows of exclusivity, it's said. Visible slots equals greater sales and more installs, so everyone's a winner. Apart from us clueless consumers, who are being tricked into thinking some crappy app has to be good if it's on the front page of everything. Read More >>

Leonardo DiCaprio and Our Danny Boyle Rumoured to be Working on Steve Jobs Movie

I vote they just give all the roles to Leo. ALL of them. Though talk of everyone's favourite angry-man Christian Bale donning Jobs's round-rimmed frames for the Aaron Sorkin-penned film were tantalising, a Leo and Danny duo sounds like a great move. Read More >>

Bloomberg: iOS 8 Will Have Shazam's Song Identification Built In

Can't name that tune? No worry: Bloomberg is reporting that Apple is partnering with Shazam to embed song identification software right into its forthcoming iOS 8. Read More >>

Report: This Could be Amazon's Rumoured 3D Smartphone

BGR, which has a solid track record on Amazon leaks, has photos it claims are the long-rumoured Amazon smartphone. According to the report, the phone sports six cameras, and a novel hardware interface that creates a glasses-free 3D effect. Read More >>

Apple Rumoured to be Asking US Networks for $100 iPhone 6 Price Hike

Today's unsubstantiated iPhone 6 rumour concerns the price of the forthcoming phone, with Apple said to be aware it has the networks over a barrel and hitting them up for a price increase of $100 (£60) per phone. What are they going to do? Not stock the iPhone? Read More >>

Alleged iPhone 6 Internal Organs Leaked in Bizarre "Schematics" Illustrations

Do you want to know what the internal proportions of the next iPhone may be like? Will you only consider purchasing it if the battery compartment is aligned in an attractive manner? If so, check this out; images that claim to be "schematics" of the iPhone 6. Will they make for a phone as slick as the concept above? Read More >>

Report: Amazon is Showing Off its Smartphone That Could Hit This Year

We've been hearing about the rumoured 3D Amazon phone forever, but it's never shown up. According to the WSJ, however, Amazon is getting ready to launch this phone this year. Read More >>

Rumour: Apple's iWatch to Muscle in on an iPhone 6 September Event?

With Google showing its wearables hand with the reveal of Android Wear and its forthcoming slew of compatible devices, the attention now turns to Apple. The long-rumoured iWatch is now being tipped for a September reveal -- alongside the iPhone 6. Read More >>

Everything We Know So Far About Star Wars: Episode VII

When it was announced that Disney would be making more Star Wars films some people celebrated, and others died a little inside as they anticipated Jar Jar 2.0. Now that filming on Episode VII has begun, how much do we actually know about this film? Read More >>

Pics of Rumoured Samsung Galaxy F Show Premium Design and Quad HD Screen (Updated)

This thing here, according to a new smartphone leaker in town, is the Samsung Galaxy F, Samsung's rumoured "super premium" model that takes things up a notch from the popular Galaxy S range. A quad HD display is one delight that awaits, if it's a real thing. Read More >>


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