Rumour: Apple is Working on a 12-inch Fanless MacBook

According to a forum poster on, Apple is planning on releasing a new 12-inch laptop as an alternative to the current 11.3- and 11.6-inch MacBook Air models. Read More >>

Six Cameras and Gesture Input May be Amazon's Smartphone USP

A tech industry analyst who has form for getting things right when projecting what the tech giants are planning to launch has outlined his thoughts on Amazon's future smartphone, suggesting it might be a surprisingly high-end model with SIX separate cameras to enable some sort of gesture input. Read More >>

WSJ: Amazon's Streaming Box Will Arrive Next Month

Amazon's much-rumoured video streaming device will go on sale in "early" April—on as well as through retailers, suggests the Wall Street Journal. Read More >>

Twitter is Reportedly Testing a "Fave People" Timeline...for Your Favs

TechCrunch reports that Twitter is experimenting with a new version of timeline that allows you to browse a stream of tweets from your favourite accounts. If real, the new "Fave People" feature would mirror a similar feature on Facebook—and makes a lot of sense for helping you filter out the noise in your timeline. Read More >>

Report: Apple Healthbook Will Track Your Life Down to Every Breath

For a couple months now we've been hearing about Apple's plans to release a new fitness tracking system in the near future called Healthbook. This morning, 9to5Mac reports a lot of details about the rumoured health-monitoring app for iOS. The app is impressively exhaustive. How is all of this possible? Read More >>

Rumour: iPhone 6 May Have Environment Sensors to Tell You When You're Too Hot

Speculation from a tech industry analyst suggests Apple may be planning to whack several more sensors into its next generation of mobile, with sources claiming we may see temperature, humidity and pressure hardware in a future iPhone. You'll be able to see what the weather's like outside without breaking eye contact with your device. Read More >>

Everything We Know So Far About the 2014 HTC One M8

HTC's MWC showing this year was a bit of washout. But that's OK -- we know it's saving its big guns for its own super-secret March 25th unveiling. But what will be revealed as 2014's flagship HTC smartphone? The HTC Here are the whispers we've heard about the forthcoming sequel to last year's best Android phone. Read More >>

Three Leak Seemingly Confirms the New HTC One's Official Name

We already know quite a bit about HTC's new flagship handset, but the one thing that has been kept very hush hush is the name. Luckily for those of you who had been losing sleep over it, we now know the phone's name thanks to a leak from Three. The Phone is to be called *drum roll* the HTC One M8. Read More >>

A First Look at WhatsApp's Upcoming Voice Feature

Screenshots of what appears to be WhatsApp's upcoming 'Voice over IP' feature have made their way onto the web, sporting a layout very similar to iOS 7's native phone app. Read More >>

WSJ: Microsoft and Google are Crushing the Dual-OS Dream

A report by the Wall Street Journal claims that Intel's grand plans to stuff Android and Windows into the same tablet have hit a brick wall: neither Google nor Microsoft want hardware to sport the competitor's OS alongside their own. Read More >>

Sony's Own VR Tech for PS4 May Appear Next Week

March 17th is the day the Game Developers Conference kicks off in the US, with rumours suggesting Sony may use the event to launch its own take on the Oculus Rift VR technology for its PlayStation4 console. Read More >>

Report: Microsoft Making Windows Phone OS Free for Some Manufacturers

Desperate times, desperate measures: the Times of India is reporting that Microsoft is starting to give its Windows Phone OS away to phone manufacturers for free. Read More >>

Android Coders Claim "Back Door" Enables Remote Access to Samsung Galaxy Phones

The developer of the Replicant custom Android ROM claims to have uncovered what amounts to a classic "back door" computer hack within Samsung's Galaxy series of smartphones, suggesting that Samsung's modem tools have certain communication protocols in them that could allow outsiders to "access the phone's file system." Read More >>

"All New" HTC One Leaks in Bizarre Boxed Unit eBay Sale

The new, all new, or 2014 edition HTC One has leaked again, only this time it's one of the most complete leaks in tech history. A finished, boxed, actual-thing 2014 HTC One has been sold through eBay. That's beyond a mere leak. That's HTC's head office washed away by a tsunami and dumped at the bottom of the Pacific. Read More >>

WSJ Reaffirms Rumours That Music Streaming is Headed to Amazon Prime

Last month, Re/code reported that Amazon was in talks to create a streaming music service to bundle with Prime subscriptions. Now, the Wall Street Journal is reaffirming that rumour. Read More >>

Amazon on Game Dev "Hiring Spree" Ahead of Games Console Launch

As well as purchasing home console developer Double Helix a few weeks ago, Amazon is said to be scouring the gaming companies of the US for additional development talent -- strongly suggesting its long-rumoured set-top box is indeed a content delivery trojan it'll be selling as an innocent games machine. Read More >>


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