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By Andrew Tarantola on at

Google’s Siri Clone Might Be Ready by New Years

Abortion-finding aside, Siri isn't that bad. That's why Google is reportedly feverishly working on its own version of the voice-activated, natural-language assistant, code-named Majel. It's named after Gene Roddenberry's wife — the voice of many a Star Trek computer. While we can't currently confirm a release date, rumours put its street date prior to the new year. More speculation is available at Android and Me.

What is iPad 2,4?

By Andrew Tarantola on at

iOS 5.1 beta has just been released to the Apple developer community. Not particularly exciting, no—at least not until 9 to 5 Mac stumbled upon a line of code referencing the "iPad 2,4". Is this a reference to the highly anticipated iPad 3? Not likely. Does it refer to US carrier Sprint's upcoming iPad service? Hmm, could be. [9to5Mac]