Murdoch Hints at Imminent Death of the Sun's Page 3 Stunner

The lighthearted and/or massively sexist tradition of the Page 3 Girl might finally be on the way out, with octogenarian Twitter nutcase Rupert Murdoch claiming he's "considering" issuing the order to have his girls put them away for good. Read More >>

Anonymous Cowers in the Face of Rupert Murdoch

Almost a year ago today, Anonymous hacked one of Australian super villain Rupert Murdoch's crown jewels: The Times. Why? To spread a false report of his death. A year later, he's shutting them up like rowdy children. Times have changed. Read More >>

Rupert Murdoch Admits He Screwed Up MySpace "In Every Way"

Media baron, professional evil white guy archetype, and technologist Rupert Murdoch recently took to Twitter regarding his company's historically awful purchase of MySpace. So, what they do wrong? Literally everything. Read More >>

Rupert Murdoch Is Now On Twitter!

Check it out, kids, our favourite octogenarian media tychoon has joined Twitter. I have to admit I love his Twitter picture. And he's pretty active too. Here's a sample: Read More >>


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