Sony RX100 II: A Totally New Sensor, a More Perfect Point-and-Shoot

Last year, Sony overhauled basically its entire line of cameras from the very bottom to tippiest top. Surprisingly, the most exciting of the bunch weren't mirrorless cameras or DSLRs, but fixed-lens Cyber-shots: The RX100, a point-and-shot superior to all others, and the RX1, a compact full-frame sensor camera priced for professionals. Sony's expanding on its success on both cameras with some well-considered fine-tuning. Read More >>

Sony HX50V: A Massive Superzoom Camera Dressed Like a Skinny Superstar

Really exciting point-and-shoot cameras only come around every so often, and last year's Sony RX100 was one of them. It blew its pocket compact competitors away. It also cost £550, which is pricey for an enthusiast camera. The new scaled down Sony HX50V mimics the RX100's covetable aesthetics, and packs some attractive, beginner-friendly features into a more affordable package. Call it trickle-down design done right. Read More >>

How Sony Could Rule the Tech World Again

We reamed the Sony SmartWatch in a recent review. It was almost mean of us; it was definitely emotional. And while we stand by our opinion, another new Sony product perfectly illustrates why we got all pissed off: The gorgeous, awesome RX100. Read More >>

Sony RX100: This is How You Cram a 1-Inch Sensor and Wide Aperture Lens Into a Point-and-Shoot Body

With DSLRs like the Canon T2I and Nikon D3200 becoming increasing accessible, and smartphone cameras becoming increasingly quality, fixed-lens point-and-shoot cameras have become something a forgotten breed. But with the introduction of the RX100 — complete with its impressive 1-inch sensor, f/1.8 aperture, and compact body — Sony is trying to make the pocketable camera relevant again. Read More >>


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