Samsung's Got a Gold Galaxy S4 Too, Apple

Just two weeks after Apple announced the gold iPhone 5s, Samsung has jumped on the bandwagon with a golden Galaxy S4. Initially available in the United Arab Emirates, it's not clear yet when they'll be available elsewhere, or if. Read More >>

Samsung Rigged the Galaxy S4 to Unnaturally Perform Better in Benchmark Tests

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is a damn fine phone. It's fast, it's big, it's thin and it's completely deserving to be in most people's pockets. But apparently that's not enough for Samsung. The Korean company has gotten caught cheating benchmark tests to make itself look better. Basically, the S4 is specifically tweaked to be better at benchmarking than anything else it does. Read More >>

A Gallery Guide to the Samsung GALAXY S4 Family

Destiny’s Child, Hanson, BLT – beautiful creations come in threes, and Samsung’s new line-up of three new GALAXY S4s is no exception. Read More >>

Your 10-step Guide to the Most Creative Tablet on the Market

Here's our simple-to-folllow 10-step guide to the most creative tablet on the market. Read More >>

A New Age of Gaming on the S4: the Games Developer's View

The annual E3 Expo in LA is the biggest games industry event in the calendar and this year was certainly no exception. As the eyes of the gaming world turned to Los Angeles to see the latest in console and PC gaming, however, a quiet revolution is brewing in the mobile world. Read More >>

GALAXY S4 and Note 8.0 Retro Photos A-Go-Go!

On 17 June it will be 66 years since Polaroid first patented its instant film and ushered in a new era of amateur photography. Today, the digital camera has almost completely replaced film for all but the most dedicated professionals and hobbyists but many snappers still look back on analogue cameras with nostalgic affection. Read More >>

Top Official Samsung Peripherals for your S4

So, you’ve decided to get yourself the Samsung Galaxy S4. Well done – you’ve just made the best smartphone choice out there. Its combination of a large and expansive Full HD screen, slimline chassis and next-generation features make it one of the most advanced smartphones ever. Read More >>

Ultimate Guide to the Samsung GALAXY S4 Camera

A rich photography heritage has shaped the Samsung GALAXY S4 camera, with its 13-megapixel sensor, wide-open f/2.2 lens and all its smart shooting modes. Read More >>

Could You Stare at a Samsung Galaxy S4 For 60 Minutes to Win One?

Because the Samsung Galaxy S4 can sense when you're looking at it, Swisscom decided to set up a challenge for people to stare at the phone for an hour. If you hit the 60 minute mark, you win a free Samsung Galaxy S4. If you get distracted, you don't get one. Easy? Not as easy as you think! Read More >>

Athlete Tweets About His Love for the Galaxy S4 from an iPhone

Like how BlackBerry spokesperson Alicia Keys got caught using an iPhone, Ferrer made the same embarrassing mistake of shilling for a company while actually using its competitor's device. The offending tweet, which was obviously supposed to be an advertisement to his followers, said: Read More >>

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"Samsung Style" S4 Promo Video Leaves Me Actually Speechless

Samsung has a Gangnam Style parody called Samsung Style. It's sung by an Indian guy called Ranveer Singh, who is apparently a Bollywood actor. It involves bad puns about 13 megapixel cameras. In the words of Giz UK's editor: WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK. I'm going to go have a lie-down now. [YouTube via India Today] Read More >>

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What the New Samsung Galaxy S4 Could Have Been

Samsung has seemingly spent several small countries' entire GDP on marketing and promoting the impending Galaxy S4, but it all falls flat once you actually get the phone in your hand. It's not a bad phone, it's just... yawn. Read More >>

You'll Be Able to Buy a Cheaper, Smaller Samsung Galaxy S 4

Businessweek has a deep profile of Samsung, detailing the company's rise to the number one smartphone manufacturer in the world. The article appears to confirm what we've been expecting all along: that a smaller cheaper version of the Galaxy S 4 will arrive on the heels of the big S 4 next month. Read More >>

What's the Best Price Plan for the Samsung Galaxy S4?

There's one thing you can guarantee about the Samsung Galaxy S4: no matter what it's actually like, it'll sell like gold-plated unibody-construction rocking-horse-shit. It's already busted records for pre-registrations (whatever they are), but now it's up for real pre-orders, with money and everything. So the big question is, what's the best place to buy your shiny new S4? Read More >>

Samsung Hints at 6.3" Future Phone, Probably the Galaxy Note III

Samsung's new listing for its Bluetooth Game Pad has one very interesting tech spec, with the controller claiming to be compatible with phones containing displays of up to 6.3 inches. That's a rather specific size, leading some to postulate that's how large the forthcoming Galaxy Note III's screen might be. Read More >>

Samsung Preparing Docking Bluetooth Game Pad for Galaxy Range

While we didn't see anything particular thrilling or innovative in Samsung's safe Galaxy S4 launch last night, it did have an interesting piece of hardware to show off backstage -- an official Samsung wireless game controller. So Samsung can crush Ouya, Game Stick and the rest of them in an instant. Read More >>


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