Jet-Off to Kenya for £479pp With Your "Sun, Sand and Safari" Deal of the Day

Do you like going on holiday but are sick of Europe? If so, and you like trying to sleep in stifling heat, sweating all the suntan oil out of your skin on white bedsheets that have been tucked in so forcibly that you dislocate your shoulder trying to loosen them? Read More >>

Opera Coast: a Stripped Down Browser Built Just for iPad

>Web browsing on the iPad, or any tablet for that matter, is far too frustrating of an experience for what's really one of the device's most basic uses. Safari for iOS was designed with an iPhone in mind, so anything larger becomes an awkward mix of sweeping gestures and pointed tapping. Opera's newly launched iPad only browser, Coast, wants to fix that. Read More >>

All Those Open Browser Tabs Really Are Killing Your Laptop's Battery

There's a tonne of info on the web. You're never going to read it all, but you want to, so your browser has fistfuls of open tabs waiting for that rainy day when you'll want to read a two-month-old article that's no longer relevant to anything. But have you ever wondered what all those tabs are doing to your battery life? Wired's Rhett Allain did, so he measured it for Firefox, Chrome and Safari. Read More >>

What The Most Popular Web Browser Is From Each Country in the World

The green is Chrome. The blue is Internet Explorer. The orange-ish colour is Firefox. If you can see any red or grey that would be Opera and Safari, respectively. And though I personally believe all browsers have become horrible in their own ways, having Chrome at the top of most country's usage list according to Statcounter is certainly a lot better than the alternatives ruling the world. Good job world. Enjoy the suffering southern tip of Africa and all of China and Greenland. Read More >>

The New Safari: Your Power-Saving Google Reader Replacement

Apple updates Safari every year, but now with the help of Intel's Haswell processor, they might actually have made something that people will actually want to use. At about a third the energy usage of Firefox and 1.44x faster than Chrome, this might just do it. Read More >>

Bringing iPhone Safari Up to Speed

Safari is technically a platform on its own, separate from the App Store. Until the day that Gatekeeper comes to iOS, it will continue to be the most open way for users to access information on Apple's mobile devices. But besides iCloud Tabs and Reading List, Mobile Safari has remained basically unchanged since its unveiling, in 2007. Read More >>

Access Your iPhone's Browsing History Just By Tapping and Holding the Back Button

Yeah, I know, we all use Chrome for iPhone now, but if you don't, did you know you can skip right to your browsing history by just holding the back button in mobile Safari? No, neither did I. Well, now you do. Apparently it works in a load of other browsers, and all other iOS devices too. [Guiding Tech via LifeHacker] Read More >>

Steve Jobs Really Sucked at Names

A few years back, we learnt that Steve Jobs, genius though he might be, wanted to call the iMac bad things. Bad, terrible things. Well, this week, we've learned his naming stupidity stretched further than just machines -- he wanted to cripple Safari with a blood-curdlingly bad, cliche-riddled excuse for a name. Read More >>

Apple Decides to Limit Its One-to-One Service to Safari Users Only

Gizmodo reader Paula E. B. wrote in with a screenshot, telling us that when she tried to renew with Apple's One-to-One customer bootcamp/training program, a notice popped up saying that One-to-One is now only supported by Safari—Apple's own web browser. Read More >>

Google Faces Largest Ever FTC Fine Over Safari Cookie Debacle

Five months on from the Wall Street Journal spotting that Google was circumventing cookie privacy settings in Safari, the big G is now close to settling the matter with the FTC in the US. There's one bitter pill that still remains to be swallowed, though: the WSJ reports that Google is set to pony up £14.5 million, the FTC's largest ever fine. Read More >>

Screw Apple and Make Chrome Your Default Browser on Your iPhone

Chrome on the iPhone and the iPad is pretty damn good. OK, it might be slightly slower than Mobile Safari, thanks to the way Apple keeps its Nitro Javascript engine to itself, but it's better than nothing. Now you can make it your default browser with a quick little tweak. Read More >>

Some Third-Party Apps Look Crappy on the New MBP Retina Display

The next-generation MacBook Pro, with it's glorious 2880 x 1800 pixel display, is both an engineering triumph and a thing of great beauty. But hold up, because software's going to take a little while to catch up with it. Read More >>

OS X Isn't as Secure as Everyone Claims It Is

For the past decade or so, many have been quick to argue about how much more secure, stable and virus-free OS X is than Windows. But in light of the Flashback malware, many are reconsidering that stance. Trend Micro, a long time developer of anti-virus and anti-malware software, put together a report of virus trends, and In it, they cite security firm Mitre, who claim that OS X had more reported vulnerabilities than anyone else. Welp! Read More >>

Google Investigated by the FTC Over Safari Privacy Debacle

Last month it came to light that Google had been bypassing privacy settings in Safari, by installing cookies to track the browsing habits of millions of users who didn't know what was happening. Now, the FTC in the US is examining whether the incident violates a legal settlement in which Google pledged not to "misrepresent" its privacy practices to consumers. Read More >>

Google's iPhone Privacy Invasion (Updated)

A report from the Wall Street Journal suggests that Google has been bypassing the privacy settings of millions of Safari users, by tracking the browsing habits of people, even if they thought they had blocked such monitoring. Read More >>

Geeks Crown Firefox and Safari as the Best Browsers

Web browser improvements seem to pop out at a pace barely detectable to the human eye, so periodically Tom's Hardware will go through every desktop browser on Windows and OS X with a fine-toothed comb and tell you which one comes out on top. This time around, they like Firefox and Safari. Read More >>


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