This Ludicrous Safe Is The Only Sane Place For Your Million Quids' Worth of Watches and Cigars

We all have fancy things, but some of us have fancier things than everybody else. This safe is for those people. The new behemoth by Döttling boasts insurance coverage of up to $1m (USD). And it's even got a built-in humidor for all your cigars! It's like they were reading your mind, right? Read More >>

Kid Opens a Gun Safe Just by Jostling It Around

A gun safe's purpose is obvious in its name, but many readily available models fail to deliver, as this 3-year-old safe-cracker is quick to demonstrate. Read More >>

If You Need a Dedicated Watch Safe, You Probably Won't Mind This One's £56,000 Price Tag

Designed to complement the design of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe's famous Barcelona chair, Döttling's new Liberty Barcelona Watch Safe is targeted at those who can afford the finer things in life. Like £3,000 chairs, and £56,000 safes designed to only hold timepieces. Read More >>


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