Tech-Obsessed Singaporeans Bought "Nearly 1,400" Smartwatches in Two Months

Stats that count smartwatch sales in the tech haven of Singapore appear to show the smartwatch is a rather large flop in the country, with numbers from analyst GfK suggesting an embarrassing total of "nearly 1,400" smartwatches were shifted there in the first two months of 2014. Read More >>

BlackBerry on a "Sounder Financial Footing" Despite Enormous £3.5bn Loss

BlackBerry boss John Chen was surprisingly upbeat while revealing his company managed to lose £3.5bn last year, claiming that the most recent quarter was actually a little better than expected -- and hinting that bringing BBM to the desktop may be the next disaster-aversion therapy to come. Read More >>

Facebook is Buying Oculus, the Future of Virtual Reality, for £1.2 Billion

For some completely inexplicable reason, Facebook has announced that it is buying Oculus VR—the future of virtual reality awesomeness—for $2 billion (£1.2 billion). What?! Read More >>

BBC Typo Nightmare Described WhatsApp as a "Massaging Service"

Some poor late-night content generator for the BBC had a rather bad evening late yesterday, managing to describe WhatsApp as a massage service in a headline about the Facebook purchase. Sadly, Facebook hasn't pivoted into the sports injury or grim sauna sex business. If it had, we wouldn't mind it having our personal data so much. [Huffington Post] Read More >>

US PS4 Sales Smash Xbox One, Selling "Nearly Double" in January

Microsoft's run of consecutive console sales wins in the US has come to a crashing halt, with Sony's PS4 managing to outsell the Xbox One in January. Not only that, but sources with access to the numbers suggest PS4 sales were nearly double those of Microsoft's rival machine. It's only one month of data, but still. [Twitter vis Techradar] Read More >>

Android Wins 2013 With 68 Per Cent of European Smartphone Market

Analyst Kantar Worldpanel has done the maths for the smartphone sector over the last quarter of 2013, painting a rather rosy picture for Android. It topped the EU market share data with 68.6 per cent of sales during the final 12 weeks of 2013, while Windows Phone held its new third place slot with 10.3 per cent of European sales. Read More >>

ITV and Vodafone Named as Possible Buyers of Channel 5

A suite of the world's cash-richest companies are said to be in line to buy Channel 5, with the owner of the TV network looking for around £700m to hand it over. Considering Richard Desmond's media group bought the station for £103.5m back in 2010, that'd be a nice little profit for him. [FT & THR via Digital Spy] Read More >>

A Staggering 13 Million Tablets Were Sold in the UK During 2013

Consultancy firm Deloitte has issued some stats on the UK tablet scene, claiming that between 12 and 13 million of them were sold in the UK during 2013. This means that nearly half of the entire UK population now owns a tab of some sort, and we really should've bought some shares in Dixons two years ago. Read More >>

Sony's PS4 Smashes Records (and Xbox One) With 250k UK Sales in Two Days

PlayStation4 has broken the previous record for video game console launch sales in the UK, shifting substantially more hardware than the 180,000 unit previous record during its first two days on sale. Read More >>

xbox one
Microsoft Successfully Salvaged Xbox One and Shifted One Million of Them in a Day

After presiding over one of the less thrilling and most mocked hardware reveals in history, Microsoft would appear to have successfully turned its Xbox One supertanker around. It sold more than one million of the new consoles on launch day. People like it now. Fickle crowd. Read More >>

Samsung Smartphones Outsell Apple, Nokia, Microsoft and BlackBerry Combined

New research into the state of the smartphone market paints Samsung in an even more favourable light, suggesting the Korean giant ships more phones around the world than all of its major competitors combined. Read More >>

With the Original iPhone Now a Collector's Item, Have You Ever Saved a Gadget in the Hope of Future Riches?

Despite selling millions of units around the world, the first-generation iPhone has now become something of a collector's item, with mint condition, boxed examples of Apple's first smartphone selling for more now than they did when they were new. Read More >>

Fifty Shades, One Direction, Call of Duty and Adele top Amazon UK's Depressing All-Time Sales Charts

Amazon UK is happy that it's about to reach its 15th birthday tomorrow, and is celebrating by revealing its all-time best sellers. As you might expect of the corporate giant, it's mainstream entertainment fodder all the way, with Adele, One Direction, Harry Potter and Call of Duty sending most of our cash to Luxembourg. Read More >>

Sony's Smartphone Ambitions Include Being the Third Biggest-Seller In Europe

Sony's new boss Kazuo Hirai has revealed that the tech giant has no plans to aggressively push its smartphones in the US or China, the two largest marketplaces for mobiles. He appears to be happy enough with just 2.2 per cent of the global market via a relatively decent performance in Europe and Japan. Read More >>

BlackBerry Founders Bid to Buy Back Struggling Mobile Maker

Mike Lazaridis and Douglas Fregin, who founded and still own a decent chunk of BlackBerry, are considering joining the rest of the tech world in tabling a bid to buy the company. Read More >>

Google, Intel, LG and Samsung Considering Rival BlackBerry Bids

BlackBerry has already agreed to being bought and turned into a private company by a private equity firm, but is said to be talking to several other tech giants about selling all or part of the once great phone maker for a better price. Read More >>


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