The Samsung Galaxy S II Is Getting in on the Jelly Bean Fun too

After yesterday's news that the Galaxy S III was getting some buttery action, Samsung Galaxy S II owners must've champing at the bit. Well, not long to go now as Samsung Sweden, via its Facebook page, has announced that a plethora of devices, including the Galaxy S II, are being pegged for November Android 4.1 upgrades -- unless you've, err, rooted already. [Facebook via SammyHub] Read More >>

A WDTV Live Streaming Box Is Your Anti-Jubilee-Entertainment-Centre Deal of the Day

If you haven't been invited to a Jubilee street party over the next couple of days, you might want to take solace bystaying indoors with the curtains closed and watching the festivities on the telly. But let's be honest, you'd probably be better off watching something else instead. Read More >>

Orange Updating Galaxy S II to Android 4.0 "This Week" (Update: T-Mobile Too)

Samsung's nearly got all of the UK Galaxy S II phones up to Android 4.0 now, thanks to previous upgrade launches for unlocked models and those on Vodafone, O2 and Three. Next up are users on Orange, who should get "Ice Cream Sandwich" this week. Read More >>

Got a SIM-Free Samsung Galaxy S II? Time to Finally Grab Your Ice Cream Sandwich Update

Samsung’s finally rolling out its Ice Cream Sandwich update for off-network Galaxy S IIs via Samsung Kies, and at least one of us is lucky enough to have grabbed the update already. Looks like it just couldn’t wait for Everything Everywhere to push its update, thankfully. Read More >>

More Ice Cream Sandwich Delays Hit Galaxy S II Owners on Vodafone

The Samsung Galaxy S II Ice Cream Sandwich update saga rages on. This time Vodafone’s had to postpone its update by a day because Samsung took its sweet time checking it over. The good news is you should be able to grab it through Samsung Kies tomorrow, but those looking for an over-the-air update will have to wait till Tuesday next week. Read More >>

Samsung's Using Network-Locked Galaxy S IIs as Guinea Pigs

Apparently the reason you SIM-free Samsung Galaxy S II-wielders haven’t got your tasty Ice Cream Sandwich update yet is because Samsung’s waiting to see what happens with the network operators. If they screw up first it’ll know it has a problem before it releases its own Android 4.0 update. Read More >>

Haven't Got Your Galaxy S II Ice Cream Sandwich Update Yet? Samsung's Still Testing It

Despite lucky Three users being able to update their Galaxy S IIs already, Samsung UK’s apparently still testing its Ice Cream Sandwich update. Apparently it’s “working hard” but can’t confirm exact dates for a rollout yet – you can stop hitting that “check for updates” button for a bit. Read More >>

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This is What Ice Cream Sandwich Looks Like On a Samsung Galaxy S II

For those who still haven’t had the Ice Cream Sandwich update rollout to their precious Galaxy S IIs yet, here’s a video showing you what you’re missing. Hang in there; it can’t be much longer. Read More >>

Time to Check for Updates: Ice Cream Sandwich For the Samsung Galaxy S II Begins Its UK Rollout

Samsung promised its Ice Cream Sarnie update for the still awesome Galaxy S II this week and it seems it's delivered. Those on Three at least, can grab the update from Samsung Kies and get their Android 4.0 on -- time to repeatedly ram that check for updates button again. Read More >>

Samsung: Galaxy S II Ice Cream Sandwich Update Is Rolling Out, For Real This Time (Updated)

After a couple of false starts in the last few days, Samsung’s finally rolling out its Ice Cream Sandwich update to loyal Galaxy S II owners, as well as the Galaxy Note, Tab 8.9 and Tab 10.1. Our European friends in Poland, Hungary and Sweden will apparently be the first to get the tasty treat, with the UK following shortly behind. Read More >>

Galaxy S II Owners Could Get a Boost to Ice Cream Sandwich By the Middle of the Month

With all the rumours of the Galaxy S III, it’d be easy to forget that the Galaxy S II is quite a formidable champion of Android in its own right. Now it looks like Galaxy S II owners are going to get a tasty treat for Easter as rumoured – Ice Cream Sandwich is headed your way around the 15th of March. Read More >>

Samsung Galaxy S II Android 4.0 Update Scheduled for Early Next Year

Samsung's excellent Galaxy S II has been unofficially on the Android 4.0 update list for some time, now Samsung has confirmed it. The S II will see an upgrade to Google's Ice Cream Sandwich OS in the "first quarter of 2012." Read More >>

iPhone 4S vs. The Competition: Benchmarked

The iPhone 4S is faster than the iPhone 4. How much faster? And how much faster than its non-Apple kin? We did some benchmark bench pressing to find out. Feel the burn! Read More >>


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