Your Samsung Galaxy S III Is Getting the Software Goodies From the Galaxy S4

Last night's Samsung Galaxy S4 launch came with oodles and oodles of software goodies. I say goodies, not all of them sound useful, but you never know. Good news for those of you with the now obsolete Galaxy S III, Samsung's going to bring everything it can, software-wise, to all its "flagship devices". Read More >>

The Samsung Galaxy S III's Lockscreen Is Swiss Cheese Too

As if here to solely prove my point, that it's pretty much safe to assume that if someone has your phone in their possession they'll be able to get through the lockscreen, the Samsung Galaxy S III has a security bug too. You can gain full access to a locked Galaxy S III with a series of simple button presses. Read More >>

The Best Smartphone Camera

Along with the HTC One, a zillion new smartphones are going to be announced next week at Mobile World Congress, each promising camera advancements that may or may not live up to the hype. Before we get there, though, we wanted to take stock of how good the cameras are in the smartphones you can buy now. Here's how the flagships measure up. Read More >>

Got a Samsung Galaxy S III on Orange? Jelly Bean's Finally Here For You

Well, that didn't take long now did it? We've no idea why Orange took its sweet-arse time with it, but Jelly Bean is finally available for your Samsung Galaxy S III. Better late than never, I guess. Fire up Kies and check for updates. [TechRadar] Read More >>

A 64GB Flashdrive Is Your 100-Years'-Worth-of-Smut-on-One-Stick Deal of the Day

Remember when computers only came with about 80GB of hard drive storage in them? And yet they were still as big as a robot dog? That's all a long time ago now though. Read More >>

A Nook Simple Touch For Just £60 Is Your Kindle-Killer Deal of the Day

The mighty Amazon Kindle now has a serious rival in the UK -- yes, the Nook is finally here, after making a trek on the slow boat from North America. Read More >>

We've Got a 4G Samsung Galaxy S III In the Office, So Fire Us Your Questions

Now that EE's 4G network is now alive and kicking, we've finally got our hands on an LTE-equipped Samsung Galaxy S III. We'll have a good play with it and let you know what 4G's really like in real life a little later in the week, but for now -- do you have any burning questions? Throw em in here and we'll try and answer them all. Read More >>

Samsung's Galaxy S III and Note 2 Will Be Vodafone's First 4G Phones

Our very own bright red mobile operator has relayed plans that it will offer the Samsung Galaxy S III and Samsung Galaxy Note 2 as the first 4G handsets on its fresh and fast network when it launches next Spring. Read More >>

Jelly Bean Update Now Live For Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S III Models

If you've been following the saga of the Galaxy S III "Jelly Bean" Android 4.1 update and are waiting for the upgrade to hit unbranded and unlocked phones, today's the day. The 284MB update is now hitting the mobiles of those who bought the S III off-network. Shame they were left until last though, eh? [Twitter] Read More >>

A Powerline Networking Kit Is Your Path-to-Crystal-Clear-Streaming Deal of the Day

Wi-Fi isn't as great as it's cracked up to be sometimes, and there's often some annoying interferences that can get in the way of your lovely invisible internet signal. Like the microwave or a giant concrete statue in your hallway. Read More >>

EE Throws Out Some Expensive 4G Handset Prices to Match Its Costly Tariffs

We took a peak at EE's 4G price plans last night, but now we've got phone prices to go with them. Unfortunately, even if you fork over £56 a month, the only phone you can bag for free is the Huawei Ascend P1 LTE, which, well, isn't exactly the handset we were looking for. Want an iPhone 5? It'll cost you at least £20. A Samsung Galaxy Note 2 or S III? £30. Read More >>

Vodafone's Samsung Galaxy S III Jelly Bean Update Goes Live

We saw Three, then O2 push out their respective Samsung Galaxy S III Jelly Bean updates, and now it's Vodafone's turn. Check for updates on your device or via Samsung Kies, if you've got a Vodafone-branded handset. Those on EE or unbranded will have a bit more to wait. [Vodafone] Read More >>

Got a Samsung Galaxy S III on O2? Check For Updates, as Jelly Bean's Here

More good news for Samsung Galaxy S III users. O2 is now rolling out your Android Jelly Bean update, while Vodafone's should be out on Monday. If you're not already using the "buttery smooth" 4.1 operating system, check your settings for the update. [O2, Vodafone via TechRadar] Read More >>

Got a Samsung Galaxy S III on Three? Check For Updates, as Jelly Bean's Here

Good news Samsung Galaxy S III owners. If you're on Three, your Jelly Bean update is rolling out right now and you should be getting a notification about it any minute. If you haven't already, dig into those settings and check for updates. Time to coat your Galaxy S III in buttery smoothness. [Three via Android Community] Read More >>

A Tassimo Coffee Machine Is Your "Screw That Tax-Dodging Starbucks!" Deal of the Day

There's been a wave of controversy about Starbucks over the past few days, over the revelation that it's paying less UK tax than it could/should be. Some customers have been openly abusing staff members, and for a change it's not because they're being asked what their name is. Read More >>

A Triple USB Charger Is Your One-Plug-to-Rule-Them-All Deal of the Day

If you're a gadget device enthusiast, you've probably got charger plugs and cables lying about all over your place of residence. That's just silly -- they're messy and they're probably a choking hazard as well. Read More >>


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