Is This the Samsung Galaxy S IV Mini?

When we found out Samsung was making a mini version of the Galaxy S III we got excited... and then we were disappointed because it was so boring. If these leaked photos are true, it looks like we'll be disappointed again because even though the S IV Mini has a svelte body and not ginormous 4.3-inch screen, the S IV Mini will have neutered specs compared to the big brother full size Galaxy S IV. Boo. Read More >>

Even the 4-Core Samsung Galaxy S4 Destroys Most of the Competition

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is going to come in two variants, a 4-core and an 8-core version, and while we don't yet know how kick-arse powerful the 8-core beast is going to be, we do have benchmarks for the Qualcomm 4-core Snapdragon 600-powered variant. Yes, even with just four cores, this thing is going to be the fastest phone out there. Read More >>

Surprise! The Samsung Galaxy S4 Isn't Going to Be Cheap

Despite sticking with cheapo-plastic, and basically doing no real redesign, other than a slightly bigger screen, Samsung's latest flagship isn't going to come cheap. Although we don't have an official price just yet, various retailers have it running you around £530; must be all those cores. [Unlocked Mobiles via TechRadar] Read More >>

I Think Even Samsung Knows That the Galaxy S4 is a Let-Down

I don't know if you heard, but Samsung finally 'unpacked' the Galaxy S4 last night, live in New York, and yup, it was the colossal disappointment I pretty much expected it to be. Now sure, it looks like a decent enough device, and I've no doubt it'll sell like loonytunes, but the event was a clear sign that cracks are forming in Sammy's giant, all-singing all-dancing facade. Read More >>

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Is Finally Here, But What Do You Really Think?

Last night, Samsung busted out its latest and greatest. It's all-new on the inside, but the outside, well, let's just say that Samsung's not just copying patents from Apple, it's copied Cupertino's way of recycling handsets too. As you can see above, the Galaxy S4 is a dead ringer for last year's S III, but is that a bad thing? Read More >>

Watch the Whole Samsung Galaxy S4 Musical Event For Shits and Giggles

Were you asleep last night? Did you miss all the excitement, trolling, weirdness, and pure elation from New York, as Samsung's new flagship, the Galaxy S4, was unveiled to the unwashed masses? Don't worry, you can watch the whole thing, all 50 minutes of awkward musical action, right here. Enjoy. [YouTube] Read More >>

Galaxy S4 Set for April 26th Release on All Major UK Networks

From what we're hearing, Samsung's new S III 4 will be landing on all the major UK networks -- what a surprise, right -- on the 26th of April. If Samsung's bad off-Broadway version of a launch event's swayed you, there's only six weeks to wait. We'll update when we have a super-official launch date. Read More >>

How the Samsung Galaxy S IV Compares to the Competition

Now that we know what the Samsung Galaxy S IV is packing inside its new 5-inch body, how does it hold up against the best phones available? Take a look at the tale of the tape to see who's winning the spec wars. Hint: the Galaxy S IV does a fine job. Read More >>

Samsung Galaxy S4 Hands On: Everything New Is Old Again (Updated: Hands-On Video)

After a lot of teasing, and a lot of leaking, the Galaxy S4 is finally here. Last year's version, the S III, remains the world's most popular Android phone, having sold over 40 million units. Can the S4 live up to that kind of hype? Can Samsung make us feel like we're living in the future? Read More >>

Here Are the Samsung Galaxy S IV's Guts

Samsung is just about to announce the Galaxy S IV but the same Chinese site who showed us in clear detail what the S IV will look like has decided to pry open the giant superphone and expose its innards. We spy an 8-core processor, 13 megapixel camera and motion detector too. Read More >>

Samsung Galaxy S IV Rumour Roundup: Everything We Think We Know (Updated)

The Samsung Galaxy S IV will be announced at an event on March 14th in New York. It's so close we can almost feel it in our hands. And thanks to the leaky ship that is the internet, we've got a pretty good idea of what to expect once it's real. Read More >>

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Launch Event Drinking Game

The Galaxy S4 launch will kick off 11PM tonight, and if our experiences with the PlayStation 4 'unveil' were anything to go by, late-night launches suck. So, we thought a more fun way to do the launch would be with an alcoholic beverage clasped firmly in your over-excited paw. But drinking by yourself is no fun, which is why we've got a drinking game to see you safely/drunkenly through the launch event. Read More >>

Here Are the Clearest Pictures of What's Probably the Samsung Galaxy S IV

We've seen pictures and video of the Samsung Galaxy S IV already, but we haven't seen it  quite like this. In what's probably the clearest pictures of the S IV, if real, until it's announced this evening, we get to see what the powerful beast of a phone will look like in all its glory. Read More >>

Video Purports to Show Off Samsung Galaxy S IV

We're now just two days away from Samsung's Galaxy S IV announcement, but this video claims to show off the phone ahead of launch. Read More >>

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If You Thought Samsung Couldn't Get Any More Sickly-Sweet With Its Galaxy S IV Teasers, Guess Again

Apparently it's pretty irresistible, unreal, totally amazing, and his favourite colour too, all while the kid manages to be even more annoyingly sickly-sweet than the first bizarre Samsung Galaxy S IV teaser trailer. Nice Samsung. I think I preferred it when you called everyone else sheep. Read More >>

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Something Tells Me the Samsung Galaxy S IV Will Come in Black and White

We know it's probably going to be plastic, but now we have hints that the Samsung Galaxy S IV will come in both black and white too. Samsung's posted a few shots of its pre-event, New York adverts, one white and one black. Is Samsung trying to tell us something? Maybe. Oh, and 4 or IV? Who knows. [Samsung] Read More >>


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